We didn’t have a chance on today’s show for Pitch or Ditch so here it is in all it’s glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all Dads but especially mine.

Red Sox (Beckett) at Braves (Ramirez)
Cory: Maybe facing an NL team will help Beckett get going again? Ramirez is hurt and might not start, but I’d use Smoltz or Hudson if one of them gets moved up to take the turn.
Siano: If Beckett is going to get back to early season form he needs to beat weaker opponents and I’ll take the 8th hitter and pitcher any day of the week. Yes on Josh no on Ramirez

Yankees (Chacon) at Nationals (Ortiz)
Cory: Pass on Chacon. Yes on Ortiz, who is pitching very well of late and has handled the Yankees well in his career.
Siano: Pass on both. RFK can’t hold A-Rod and Giambi.

Tigers (Verlander) at Cubs (Marmol)
Cory: Yes on both, two impressive young arms.
Siano: Yes on Verlander, no on Marmol I think his magic ride gets bumpy Saturday.

Giants (Schmidt) at Mariners (Meche)
Cory: Yes on both; Meche is a good gamble at home against the inconsistent Giants.
Siano: I don’t have a problem taking a shot on Meche at home against the Giants I’ll jump on Cory’s bandwagon here.

Padres (Peavy) at Angels (Santana)
Cory: Yes on both, we’ll ride Peavy as long as he’s able to pitch.
Siano: Yes on both , Peavy goes out there 100% and Santana you have to go with at home.

Blue Jays (Janssen) at Marlins (Moehler)
Cory: Janssen’s low strikeout rate is a worry but he keeps getting it done, so go with him and pass on Moehler.
Siano: I’m looking for Janssen to bounce back here so I’ll yes him against the marlins no way on Moehler, he is bringing down a good story with this rotation of youngsters.

White Sox (Contreras) at Reds (Milton)
Cory: Yes on Contreras and no on Milton, even though he won’t have to face either Thome. I just don’t trust him.
Siano: Agreed

Indians (Westbrook) at Brewers (Bush)
Cory: Pass on both, who’ve both been too inconsistent.
Siano: I’ll pass as well this could be a shootout which means 2-1.

Royals (Keppel) at Astros (Buchholz)
Cory: Pass on both; Clemens will probably take Buchholz’s rotation spot next time.
Siano: I like Buchholz here he may need to show Garner that he belongs and who better then the Royals to get fat on? No on Keppel

Twins (Bonser) at Pirates (Maholm)
Cory: Pass and pass again, although Maholm is probably worth a gamble in deeper leagues if you have some ERA and WHIP cushion to work with.
Siano: I need to see more form Bonser before trotting him out there, haven’t been that impressed. No on both.

Devil Rays (Kazmir) at Phillies (Mathieson)
Cory: Yes on Kazmir and no on Mathieson, who is being rushed and probably isn’t ready.
Siano: Yes on kaz no on Mathieson.

Orioles (Benson) at Mets (Martinez)
Cory: No Anna jokes here, just pass on Benson and yes on Pedro.
Siano: Anna is weird sometimes very hot sometimes not so much, ummm no on Kris yes on Petey.

Rockies (Francis) at Cardinals (Suppan)
Cory: Francis has been very consistent this year, he’s worth using in most matchups right now. Pass on Jeff Suppan, the awful chuck’n’ducker.
Siano: I say start Francis, Suppan may surprise us on this one, but the Rockies are too hot to take a chance

D-Backs (Jarvis) at Rangers (Koronka)
Cory: Pass on both.
Siano: ***** Tonk Koronka Donk. Pass on both

Dodgers (Lowe) at Athletics (Saarloos)
Cory: Yes on Lowe and pass on Saarloos against the NL’s best offense (yep, it’s true!).
Siano: Yes on Lowe, Saarloos can’t shut down two offenses can he? My guess is no, pass.

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Siano you cursed in your own blog! Shame on you potty mouth. lol Lets play “Guess The Asterisk Word”.


aka Johnny Archive


It was a racial slur from the eastern hub of liberalism🙂

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i cant believe it did that to *****!!!!


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