unread for june 19th 2006

JP in East Hartford, CT

Mike and Cory,

Where’s the love this year with the way Jermaine Dye is playing?

I’m considering trading for him because I think it’s a great sell high, but the guy I’m targeting is Vlad.

This is the potential deal.

Dye and either (Isringhausen, Turnbow, Saito, Houston Street, Otsuka, Weathers, or Ken Ray) for Vlad.

The team I’m trading to is in 3rd place (I’m in 1st) but only has C. Ray (Baltimore), Tyler Walker and Todd Coffey as closers.

Who should I package with Dye?


I’d be happy to deal Dye and either Weathers or Ray for Vladdy. Dye is having a fantastic year, the best year of his career, and is obviously taking advantage of hitting in the middle of a productive order that plays in a very favorable home ballpark. Vladdy, on the other hand, is having a mediocre year by his standards, plays in an offensively starved lineup and plays half his games in a tough hitter’s park.

That said, check out these stats and tell me who’s who:

.303 35 16 54 5
.302 40 20 53 3

Obviously they’re still close enough that, if given the chance, you’ll take your chances on Vladdy. Dye is having a great year, but Vladdy’s done it year in and year out.


I like Cory would take my chances with Vladdy any day of the week. The one thing about trading for a star is just because they are stars doesn’t mean the day you get them you jump in the standings. You have to allow them to settle in and make an impact. Another thing to realize when trading for a star is you have to give something up to get them. With that said I make the deal, but I don’t think Weathers or Ray get in done along with Dye. I would take these four closers JP and rank them from least favorite to favorite. Take your least favorite and see if that gets it done and slowly work your way up to Street if you have to. Oakland is hot right now but can’t get any hotter and can’t keep this up so don’t be too sad if you have to give up Street. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that and if the other owner says no to Weathers or Ken Ray he says yes to Saito or Otsuka or Turnbow.

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