How Lucky are You and unread for June 28th.

We spoke today about the article in the Wall Street Journal about luck in baseball. Be sure to check out for more and thanks as always to Jeffrey Ma, VP of Research for Protrade.

Here is today’s unread from Nate in Toledo

I’ve been listening on the podcast since the Preview show in March so thanks.

You guys have recently talked about the gains to be made in one category mitigating the loses in another.  My category that I am trailing in, like most people, is stolen bases.

12 team 5×5 standard

I just traded Ordonez for Patterson and picked up Mike Cameron off the free agent list they will both be on my roster for tomorrow.

I am trying to fill 4 spots with:

Carlos Lee
Gary Matthews Jr
Nick Swisher
Cory Patterson
Mike Cameron
Scott Podsednik

Here is my position in offensive categories:

3rd in Runs 7 ahead the guy behind me
3rd in HR  leader has 121, then 116, me at 109 then 108, 106, 100 2nd in RBI 28 ahead of guy behind me 10th in SB i have 40 guys ahead of me 42, 46, 55, 58, 60, 65, 71 4th in AVG i have .284 guys ahead .287 .292 then .295

My question is how much ground can I realistically makeup in stolen bases, should I go Lee, Patterson, Cameron, and Podsednik in an all out attempt at making this ground up at the expense of other categories?

These guys should help me or hold at Runs obviously I might start dropping in HR and stand to lose 2 points here, I have a rather big margin at RBI but I guess I could drop?

What are my best options here?


The rest of my offensive roster is currently:
Martin C
Howard 1B
Kent 2B
Beltre 3B
Young SS
and I am still holding onto Chavez to see if he ever comes around


Nathan, you have positioned your roster to really attack the SB category, but you can’t ignore the power categories, too. It’s a long season so you have time to move up but you also have to be mindful that a 28-RBI lead can evaporate quickly if you overcompensate. That said, I’d probably go with the best four hitters who give you the best combination of speed with power:

Carlos Lee
Cory Patterson
Nick Swisher
Scott Podsednik
Mike Cameron
Gary Matthews Jr

Matthews’ great average isn’t likely to last so I’d be shopping him. Use Cameron as an extra OF and slide him in when he’s hot, or when a Patterson or Podsednik is slumping. There’s still plenty of time left to get value out of all these guys and move up in the standings.

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