unread for june 29th

Brad in Chi-City

Hey Guys,

I’ve been offered a trade.  I would get Pedro Martinez, and send off Francisco Liriano.  Would I be crazy to turn this down?  I’m number one in the league right now, it’s a 5×5, Roto, 2 player keeper league.  I won’t keep Liriano (barring a sensational finish).  My other starters are:


A.J. Burnett




am I being ridiculous, when my first instinct is to hold on to Liriano?

Would like your advice.


I’d be inclined to do that, but today is a good day to ask for more since Liriano is coming off a great start and Pedro got hammered his last time out. But the bottom line is, Liriano’s upside over a full season is not so far removed from Pedro’s downside, so you’re justified not only in doing the deal but taking advantage of the opportunity to try to get even more.

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