June 2006

unread for june 2nd 2006

Hey guys,
Mike from San Francisco.  I’ve got a couple questions.

1) What do you guys think about Jose Castillo?  I have Uggla and wondering if Castillo will be a better option the rest of the year.

2) I’ve been offered Street for Prior.  Should I expect Prior to pitch well when he comes back.

3) I’m thinking of trying to move Figgins, what should I expect to get in return.

I’m in a 10 team H2H.

C J. Willingham
1B A. Pujols
2B D. Uggla
3B A. Ramírez
SS F. López
OF V. Guerrero
OF C. Figgins
OF C. Crawford
Ul T. Hafner
BN K. Griffey Jr.
BN J. Gomes
BN A. Rowand

SP J. Peavy
SP B. Myers
RP B. Lidge
P J. Papelbon
P M. González
BN D. Haren
BN R. Johnson
BN C. Hamels
BN B. Sheets
DL M. Prior



Hi Mike, if you remember our season preview show from back in February — and hey, who can forget it? — I was very high on Castillo’s power potential this season. Certainly his current performance would qualify as a hot streak but I can absolutely see him finishing with 20 homers and 70 RBI’s, or even more if he can maintain the hot streak. That’s far more than I would’ve projected for Uggla at the start of the season, although Uggla also had a very strong month of May. Right now their numbers are very comparable, but since Castillo has matched or overtaken Uggla in almost every category other than runs, plays in a better home park and has greater upside, I’d take my chances with him.

As far as Sheets vs. Prior, I’d stay away from both. Why trade for damaged goods that have a history of being damaged as much as good?

As far as Figgins goes, I think he’s your answer at 2nd base, perhaps even over Uggla or Castillo… that’s where he’s most valuable. Perhaps you can put him at 2nd and deal Uggla for another OF to add to your depth there?

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unread for June 1st 2006

Tim in Jersey…..

I heard the Podcast of an early show this week when Cory mention making a wedding day trade.  Last year I made two wedding day trades.  One of them was with my best man while sitting at the alter during the priest’s homily.  They both paid off and I went on to win the league.

Chuck Norris doesn’t believe in pitch or ditch he believes in pitch or kill.

I’m in a 5×5 mixed 12 team roto league.  My outfield is short on power.  I was offered Adam Dunn and Cliff Lee for Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi.   What are your thoughts and opinions?


Tim, that’s great stuff… but I think you should attend another wedding instead of making this deal. Going from Clemens to Lee is a major downgrade, much bigger than the power upgrade from Giambi to Dunn. I’d try to do that deal straight up, but I wouldn’t include the pitchers. Good luck!



Your secret is safe with us as long as the checks don’t bounce. Cliff Lee would have to turn around his season in a dramatic way now to have any kind of value near Clemens and as much I think Lee is a good pitcher despite the start he is no Rocket. Dunn and Giambi are close enough for me to agree with Cory on this one.

I once and like Joe Piscopo’s character in Johnny dangerously says “once” told my wife who was my fiance at the time to take her sweet time getting ready while were in Chicago getting ready for Yanks vs Cubs at Wrigley because I was in the process of making a move in my AL Only. I think I traded Lackey for Zeile, but this ended up being bad John lackey so it was a wash. Not as dramatic as the wedding day trade at the pulpit but if you ever died a slow horrible death waiting for her to get ready you’d see where I’m coming from. Love ya honey!

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