unread for July 13th.


Great to be back in NYC and blogging again. How about that Reds and Nats trade? Cory and Vinny will break down tomorrow on the show. Below is the unread for today, but before that I want everyone who has a nomination for the MLB.com Fantasy 411 Hall of Fame to send their nods to fantasy411@mlb.com.

Eric from Maryland:

Now that the Astros have Huff, how do you see this effecting the rest of Ensberg’s year? in an 8 team league should i just drop Ensberg? I’ve held onto him on the bench, assuming he would have to turn around eventually.


In an eight-team league, Ensberg is a borderline option to cut. The question is, would he be claimed off waivers or would he settle in on your free agent wire? In the short-term I think the Huff deal will reduce his value, but I still think he’s the Astros’ second-best hitter so ultimately he’ll end up being a valuable player between now and the end of the season.

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Hey Mike, as you know I’ve already sent in my nominations, but you opened Thursdays show saying you would set out some parameters, I don’t believe you ever did. I can see your off today and that Vinny is filling in but maybe if you get a sec you can mention them here?

Gp in Cincinnati

Hey guys, I had a question.
I need a closer, I have mostly starters. I have

clemens, hoffman, liriano, marquis, sabathia, verlander, zito, burnett, livan hernandez, jered weaver, and carlos zambrano.

Which do you think I can get the most from? id like to ride out liriano and weaver if they ever blow up. what do you guys think?

bob in california

I don’t know what kind of format your league is but you look pretty stacked. I’d probably shop Clemens and Verlander first. I imagine the August heat and innings will pile up on Verlander.There is usually a (Clemens nut) in the wings of every league.
If you are looking for a top gun, I doubt Marquis or Hernandez will be of any help unless you package them with one of the other guys.

If you really need a closer and want a good one, I would’nt consider anyone untouchable with that staff.


trade hoffman

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