unread for july 17th

Danny from Chicago: Hey guys, 10 team mixed, standard 5×5. Who should be my main starter the rest of the year at Corner Infield, Kinsler or Kendrick? Also, who should be the odd man out in my OF, Bonds, Kubel, or Shawn Green? We have 5 OF spots, which is why these guys are pretty weak in a ten team league. I also have Vlad, Dye and Edmonds in my OF.


You have to go with Kinsler simply because of playing time. Kendrick is an elite hitting prospect but the Angels haven’t made a regular spot in the lineup for him yet so you have to keep Kinsler in there; he’s an everyday player and having a decent season with the bat. As for the outfielders, you have concerns with all three… Bonds doesn’t play every day, Kubel also sits out a few games, and Green simply does not produce enough for a 10-team league. Can you rotate them? If not it might be time to look for a trade…

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