unread for July 18th 2006

Erik from U DUB writes:

How do you feel about this trade. The league is a 14 team mixed HTH 7×7 (additional 2B, 3B, OBP instead of BA for hitting, and HDs, QS for pitching over basic 5×5) with 25 man active rosters, 8 bench. I have an excess of OF and CI (D. Lee, Shelton, Howard, Bay, Manny, M. Bradley, Floyd, Sizemore, Nady, Denorfia, Kubel for 6 spots + 2 U spots) and want to upgrade my starters. Is Shelton for Gil Meche a good idea or am I blinded by living in Seattle about Meche? Pitching is tough in such a large league and my current starters are Lowry, Harang, S. Olsen, Chuck James, Joe Saunders, Jaret Wright, Webb, Sheets on the DL and McCarthy if he moves to the rotation (rotating through 6 spots). Am I trying to get to complicated by moving Shelton or someone to get a better pitcher?


Meche has been very solid after a bumpy start, and his K/9 rate is gradually returning to the level where he is a reliable option. He’s not a great target acquisition, and you probably need to set your sights higher, but at the reasonable price of Chris Shelton, he’s worth acquiring. But, once you have him, you’d be wise to package him or one of your other starters with a bat, to see if you can acquire an upgrade.

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