unread for July 20th

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Hey Guys,

Great show. One time at Band Camp Chuck Norris ate a percussionist!

I’m in a 12 team mixed Roto 6×6 (OPS & K/BB) league. We can keep 5 players a

I have a trade on the board and wanted your opinion on it. I give up Gordon
and Vazquez for BJ Ryan and Sheets. I was worried about Gordon being traded
and loosing his closer spot.

Also Which of these OF should I start with my 4 spots? Beltran, Hawpe,
Tracy, Patterson, Freel.  I am using Durham a 2B at the moment but I could
swap in Freel.

Thanks for the advice. Keep up the great work


Hi Ron, I like this deal since Ryan is a big upgrade over Gordon even if Gordon doesn’t get traded, especially in a keeper league. Vazquez has been nothing special since his hot start, so if Sheets actually does come back healthy next week — if he comes back at all! — the part of the deal should end up being a wash if not a win for you as well. In a keeper league, this is a very solid deal. As for the four hitters, I’d go with Beltran and the three hottest bats of the rest. Durham is hot now so keep him in there, and rotate the rest as needed… remember that the Rockies start a long home stand on Monday so make sure Hawpe is in your lineup next week!

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