unread for July 21st 2006

Hey Guys, TGIF.. great show.. Martin in NYC… loyal podcast listener.. strategy question for you….12 team mixed… 4th place, but a shot at 2nd…  Currently 2nd in saves, 2 saves out of first.. 15 saves up on 3rd place… Near bottom in wins, K, era, whip… My flex pitching spot (SP or RP), do I bench Todd Jones & give up chasing 1st in saves for Zumaya? My thinking is that I can only gain 1pt at best in saves & even starting 2 closers, it would be hard for 3rd to catch me. but Zumaya would help everywhere else.. My other option is Zach Miner to try to get wins….  My other closers are Chris Ray & Saito who are pretty good in K’s and ERA, WHIP… My question is would Zumayas 50 innings from now – end of season really make any difference in WHIP & ERA?


The difference between Zumaya and Jones over 50 innings won’t be that much but if you only stand to risk one point in saves by making the switch, why not try it? Best-case scenario, Jones gets hammered and Zumaya is lights out and you earn (or least protect) three or four or more points. As the season progresses it’s harder to improve in ERA, WHIP and AVG, but too many bad outings can blow up those stats at any point so protecting them is often just as useful as trying to improve upon them.

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