unread for July 24th 2006

Hey guys, Brian from Lexington, KY here. I am in a 10 team 5X5 mixed non-keeper league. I have a SP staff of Liriano, Oswalt, Willis, Santana, Glavine and J. Weaver. I have been offered Ichiro for Jered Weaver and Rocco Baldelli. I could really use the steals and avg. What do you guys think? I’m thinking maybe now is the time to sell high on Weaver.


Brian, I think that’s a very strong return for Weaver. Even if he continues to pitch as well as he has so far — and while he could continue to be valuable, will he really be THIS valuable?? — you get back a very established player who is having a good year and is very likely to give you plenty of help in the categories where you need it. Plus, with your other five starters, you have plenty enough depth, even in a 10-team league, to part with Weaver. This is a very well-executed example of how to "sell high"… you paid Weaver to buy the upgrade from Baldelli to Ichiro. Who knows what Weaver’s true value is, but you know you got great value in return so it’s hard to see you losing this deal.

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