unread for July 26th 2006

Reed writes…..

I am currently looking for the best deal for Miguel Tejada.

I just wanted to get your take on these 2 deals.

Miguel Tejada 1st round pick
MIguel Cabrera

Miguel Tejada
Carlos Zambrano Felipe Lopez Eddie Guardado


Reed, it depends on your needs and why you are dealing Tejada. Dealing him straight up for Cabrera deal is essentially fair value, but what does that gain you? A little less power for a little higher average, a shortstop for a third baseman, a few extra steals… what’s the point? The other deal would seem to be a better fit simply from the standpoint that you give up some categories to get others, but it depends on whether or not you can afford to deal power for a starting pitcher and some speed. If that’s the right fit, I’d rather do that deal.

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I’m like Cory. Reed did’nt write enough to get a good read on the situation.
Hard to say what is right.

If you need pitching, well you get a good SP and a closer.

If you have Bell at 3B and Rollins on your bench, of course grab Cabrera.

hey we have almost identical deals

i got johan for him

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