unread for July 27th and a reminder

dont forget we will be doing triple duty on Monday for deadline day!

11-12:30 then 3-4 and then 7-8pm. All times ET. Be there!

Greg in laguna Beach writes…

I need hrs and rbis.  What do you think of  Harang and Ichiro for Big Papi and Huff?


Greg, I think it fits the need but I’d like to see you give up a slightly lesser pitcher than Harang or get a slightly better hitter than Huff, who has not done much since joining Houston and who has been in decline the last three seasons. Ichiro’s steals and high average make him close to Ortiz in value, but Harang’s big season so far is definitely worth more than the mediocre season Huff has produced so far. His track record suggests he’ll heat up, but I’d rather go with the go who’s producing right now, and whose strikeout rate suggests he can continue at this pace. It’s close, but push a little harder and you’ll be "there."

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