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Hope everyone enjoyed the coverage for Trade Deadline, we had fun doing it.

Scott in Perth, Aus

hey folks, great show.  I’ve had a sudden influx of DL listed players

In a 5×5 h2h 12 team mixed non-keeper, which I am leading by 13 games, I have now Nomar and Kazmir joining John Patterson on the DL- I can only designate one as DL, and have Maicer Izturis and J-Honey Peralta at SS (where Nomar has been on my lineup this season) and Zambrano, Hudson (Tim), CC and King Felix as my non injured starting rotation.  Should I wait out on all three to return or should I drop one or other of Nomar or Patterson.  And if so, should I try to bump up my starting rotation by getting an extra arm? 

thanks folks,

PS- the rest of my starting lineup is Pudge, Dunn, Utley, David Wright, Cliff Floyd, Scotty Po, Freel, Bonds and Laroche, with a bullpen of Izzy, Papelbon, Benitez and Coco Cordero


Patterson is almost certainly out for the year, and given how he pitched when he was able to take the ball, you can feel free to cut him. Moreoever, with your starting pitching, you do need some help so you should use that spot accordingly. King Felix, Sabathia and Hudson should all pitch better, but with only one truly reliable option right now in Zambrano, some additional pitching help would be justified.


John in Santa Barbara

I’m in 2nd place in a Yahoo 12-team, 5×5 league…my weakest category is runs where I’m in last place…a trade has been proposed to me…I’d receive Grady Sizemore and Jeremy Bonderman in exchange for Carlos Lee and Curt Schilling…I’m inclined to reject the deal but I do need runs and I’d pick up 21 of them with Sizemore…what do you guys think?


Why would you reject this deal? You do give up power here but you make modest gains in average and speed, plus a big gain in runs, where Sizemore ranks second in the Majors. The pitching is a wash at worst, as Bonderman has a big edge in strikeouts and also a lower ERA than Schilling, offsetting Schilling’s slightly better WHIP (1.12 to 1.16) and wins (13 to 11). This deal fits your needs and gives fair value to both teams, so I’d go for it.

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