unread for august 7th 2006

Merced, CA

Hey guys,
I picked up Carmona when I saw he started the 9th inning of last game.
Dont laugh.  Should have waited until the game was over.  So has he lost the job now?  Whats your take?  Also, what about everyday Eddie?  I saw he had a sore forearm so I picked up Bray and then he comes into the game early yesterday.  What about McClung?  Any other situations where there might be a job change?  Right now I only have Gonzalez and Otsuka who officially have the job.  Gotta love chasing saves huh?


Peter, I don’t know if Carmona has lost the job outright but there’s no doubt he won’t get the next save opportunity the Indians generate, and it might be awhile before he gets his next one. In a non-keeper league he can probably be cut. As for Guardado, I think he was just getting some rest when Bray picked up the save, so I wouldn’t read anything into that. McClung is setting up Meadows for now but could take the job in fairly short order so that’s worth watching. Burgos has been struggling of late in KC but Joe Nelson, the presumptive next-in-line, got utterly shelled his last time out so that should help Burgos’ job security. Keep an eye on Dan Wheeler in Houston, since Lidge has continued to struggle and had to be removed from his last save chance, which Wheeler cashed in. Have fun chasing!

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Chasing saves is not fun. – Zack-Philly.

where the **** is mike?
has he ever replied to these e-mails?

Is that why they are called the un-read e-mail of the day?

you are supposed to eventually read them right mike?

I had picked up Carmona as well and stashed Betancourt as a hedge. Now it looks like J.Davis and Betancourt might share to duty.

No matter how frustrating… Chasing saves is fun!

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