unread for august 9th 2006

Joe from Philly-

12 Team Mixed 7×7…Last few starts have been mediocre for Lester. Should I drop him for Saunders, Garza, Maine, or Hirsh?  I’m in second place. My pitching has been wildly inconsistent. What do you think of my chances of winning the league with this staff? Randy Johnson, Roy Halladay, Brandon Webb, Cliff Lee, Scott Olsen, Jon Lester?, and Jason Jennings as starters. Otsuka, Fuentes, Broxton, and Linebrink as relievers.  Thanks love the show 



With a fairly good staff I wouldn’t worry too much about Jon Lester. I would not have a problem cutting him in hopes of catching on to the Garza or Hirsh gravy train and see what happens. Maine and Saunders are ok in my book but if I’m gonna roll the dice I want the big time strikeout potential. What I would like to see you do instead of fretting over a back end of the rotation guy like Lester is address your bullpen. Use your depth in SP to get a mid or close to mid tier closer. Could you swing a deal for an Eddie Guardado type? Good luck.

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omg! u answered a questian Siano

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