unread for august 18th 2006

Broomfield, CO

Will Delmon Young get called up when rosters expand and will he be worth a spot on my team in a 20 team 5×5? With the recent injuries and Gomes wondering about surgery, is he worth the move?


As recently as today the Rays were wrestling with calling up Young so I agree with the even money estimation (Cory just got back from Vegas and I’m hitting a casino tomorrow so excuse the gambling refrences). I realize that in a 20 team league there isnt much out there right now, but when rosters expand you should be able to get a fairly decent pick up if Young doesnt get the call. I hate to say it but Gomes who I prediected big things for in 06′ has become useless because of the shoulder injury so you shoul be letting him loose now reagrdless of Young’s situation.


Given Young’s uneven season this year in Triple-A (.325 with 22 steals, but only eight homers and a 13-56 BB-K ratio), not to mention his bat-throwing incident and continued criticisms of the organization’s handling of young players, I’d say it’s no more than even money that he’ll be recalled in September. But, as you mentioned, Gomes’ shoulder has rendered him useless since May, and it’s not like Damon Hollins, Greg Norton or Russell Branyan should block Young from getting at-bats. Young is definitely worth a pickup in a 20-team league, but keep your expectations reasonable.

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