September 2006

2006 All-Fantasy Team

First off I want to thank all of you for another great season. I can’t begin to say how impressed we are with you boys and girls. keep it up and keep listening.

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Like our other teams it’s all opinion and there are no wrong answers unless you put Dan Johnson at first base.

C: Joe Mauer. Brain McCann was awesome, but Mauer still is first catcher selected in 2007.

1B: Albert Pujols. I originally had Howard, but Cory was right about Phat Albert.

2B: Soriano. We had to expose him at 2B since he won’t qualify there in 2007 unless he signs with the Mets.

SS: Reyes. Position was loaded which shows you how sick Jose’s year was to come out on top of Rollins, Jeter and Hanley Ramirez. Tejada 3rd round next year?

3B: A-Rod. Another loaded position in 2006. We think Atkins was runner up with Aramis and Cabrera right there, but A-Rod had the best 5×5 year.

OF: I went Berkman, Beltran and Dye. Cory went Crawford, Dye and Beltran. We could have done the whole show on Outfielders on 2006.

SP: Johan, really it’s not worth talking about other pitchers. he is in his own class and anyone who takes a starter in the first round not named Johan is a fruitcake.

Closer: I took K-Rod. Cory took Joe Nathan. Two tremendous years.

Cory went Reyes for fantasy MVP. I went Soriano.

Can’t wait for draft next year. We’ll have some mock drafts during the winter.

We’ll be back on Monday then we are off until the World Series is done. Monday and Thursday will be our show days.

Have a great October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pitch or Ditch for Saturday and Sunday

Here we go since I know some of you need to be pushed off some fences.


I say yes on Garland and Garza. Cory says yes on Garza only

We both say yes on Sheets. I say yes on Suppan Cory says no

pass on Wolf and Olsen

Yes on Francis , no on Mateo

Yes on Millwood, no on King Felix

No on Marcum and Karstens

Yes on Cain and Maddux

No on Mr Gout and no on Gonzalez

no on Loewen I say no on Wakefield, Cory says yes on Wake

Yes on Arroyo no on McLeary

no on both for Braves vs Stros

no on both for Tigers vs KC

yes on Glavine, no on Perez

yes on Westbrook, no on Seo.

Yes on Haren and Saunders


Yes on Pettitte and Smoltz

Yes on Bonderman, no on Odalis

No on Trachsel and Ortiz

Yes on Myers and D-Train

Yes on Lee, no on Hammel

Cory says yes on jaret Wright, I say no on both

No on both for Reds vs. Bucs and Sox vs. O’s

Cory says yes on Vazquez and no on Baker , I’ll take the opposite.

Yes on Chris Carpenter, no on Villanueva

Cory says yes on Wade Miller I say no on both

Yes on Rich Harden , no on Moseley

Yes on Lowe and Schmidt

Robinson tejeda yes, Jake Woods no

Yes on Woody and Webb

2006 All-Disapointment Team

On today’s show me and Schwartz unveiled our all disappointment team for 2006. Below is the lineups with some comments. Friday we’ll give you our all-fantasy team for 2006.

Feel free to post your team and I will read some postings on the show Friday.


C: Cory and I both agreed on Jason Varitek even though we felt bad about it, but it was a good year for backstops and Tek when healthy stunk.

1B: We both agreed on Mark Teixeira. He was the anti-Howard. Tex may have gone as high as 3rd overall and he did not deliver.

2B: Cory went with Marcus Giles. I went with Mark Loretta. Right handed in that park and you don’t sniff 10 homers?

SS: Both agreed on Jhonny Peralta. Less homers, huge drop in average and increase in strikeouts. No bueno.

3B: We both agreed on Hank Blalock. If not for Gary Matthews Jr and Mark DeRosa the Rangers may not have scored this year. Only kidding Michael Young fans.

OF: Cory went Kevin Mench, Randy Winn and Shawn Green. I agreed on Mench who had 7 good days, but I took Chone Figgins and Brad Wilkerson. Figgins was a second rounder in most leagues and he hit, stole and scored less then 2005.

SP: A total of three here. Randy Johnson, Jake Peavy and Felix Hernandez. I thought King Felix was a reach because I wasn’t that high on him, but Cory is right that a lot of others were and he just wasn’t that good overall.

Closer: Brad Lidge. Enough said.

We both agreed that Teixeira is the "all-star" of this squad


Cory and Mike’s All-Surprise Team for 2006

On today’s show me and Schwartz unveiled our all surprise team for 2006. Below is the lineups with some comments. Tomorrow we give you our all-disappointment team and on Friday the all-fantasy team for 2006.

Feel free to post your team and I will read some postings on the show tomorrow.


C: Cory and I both agreed on Brian McCann (Drafted in 21st rd of listener league)

1B: We both agreed on Ryan Howard. Even though he went in 4th round this kind of year was maybe expected by his grandma and that’s it!

2B: Both agreed on Dan Uggla (On 4/26 was picked up in Listener League and never dropped, but he was undrafted.)

SS: Both agreed on Hanley Ramirez. Insane year period. (He went undrafted but was picked up April 1st)

3B: Cory went with Joe Crede. I went with Freddy Sanchez who was undrafted and did not stay on a roster for good until June 17th. Garret Atkins got honorable mention. (Atkins went in 13th round)

OF: Cory went Raul Ibanez, Gary Matthews Jr. and Jermaine Dye. I agreed on Dye who amazingly went in the 17th round, but I took Michael Cuddyer and Cory Patterson. Maybe a reach on Patterson, but he 40 steals is 40 steals.

SP: We both agreed on Chien- Ming Wang who amazingly did not become a full timer in Listener League until July 28th! My second starter was 24th rounder Justin Verlander. Cory packaged Jason Jennings and Jeff Francis for their success in Coors.

Closer: Cory went with Papelbon (25th round). I went with Joe Borowski (20th round). Once Papelbon got the job officially I thought he would not lose it. Borowski I was shocked to see do so well and stay on the Marlins.

Utility: Frank Thomas.

Cory’s biggest surprise was Ryan Howard. Mine was Hanley Ramirez.


Hall of Fame News

Hope everyone enjoyed the show we had a blast and wanted to once again thank the listeners and the people behind the scenes that helped put it together (Katy, Brett, Samo, JB, JOEJOE and BK).

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The Fantasy 411 Hall of Fame Inductees!

To our listeners:

Cory, Vinny and I would like to thank you for some great memories these past few years. In honor of our 500th show we would like to give back by creating a Hall of Fame for the Fantasy 411. We have decided to make it mostly about the listeners while finding some room for former hosts, current guests and our philosophies. We also threw some humor in there as well. Below you will find our inductees who will officially be enshrined Thursday September 14th at 11am during a special ninety minute show. Thanks again for being the best fans on earth and below water.



Inaugural Class of 2006

Fenway Frank Strategy Moment

Fenway Frank’s constant strategy questions led to each strategy question being named in honor of Fenway Frank.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Pitch or Ditch

Pitch or Ditch created in 2005 gave street cred to the 411 credo that you shouldn’t spend high on pitching since you can find success on the wire.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Brad, Bryon and Polish Joe

For their tireless work and creativity in scoring the Pitch or Ditch challenge.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Johnny Archive

For his hard work at digging up past statements and predictions to keep the hosts honest.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Pat Depirro

One time 411 host who never held back his opinion and true feeling as he broke it down Italian style.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Lenny Melnick and Irwin Zwilling

The first ever hosts of the 411. Incredible love and enthusiasm towards the game of fantasy and baseball.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Chuck Norris

For roundhouse kicking a new element into the 411.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Bone Doc

The 411’s residential orthopedic surgeon  Gave unlimited insight into baseball injuries and their long term effect.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Will Carroll and Jeffrey Ma

Will for his outstanding insight into injuries and Jeffrey for his statistical analysis. Both have gone above and beyond to help out the show.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Mitch in Sacramento “Dr. Stats”

One of the originals who contributes both on and off the air. 2005 411 Listener League Champion.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Zach in Philly

One of the original listeners who contributes both on and off the air. Winner of first ever 411 Listener League.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Bruce in Garden City Kansas

Official wardrobe provider of the 411 and original listener who has contributed both on and off the air.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Going Postal in Cincinnati

One of the original listeners who has contributed both on and off the air.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Stray in Detroit

One of the original listeners who has contributed both on and off the air.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Jeanne in Hollywood

One of the original listeners who has contributed both on and off the air.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Vic in the Dominican

One of the original listeners who has contributed both on and off the air.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Dead To Me “DTM”

Inspired by Tony Soprano it is the term given to players who can no longer grace a roster. Usually reserved for pitchers.


Inaugural Class of 2006


Players so disliked by Cory and Mike that they inspire greatness and the team name of Mike’s Listener League team the South Larson Hamptonians.


Inaugural Class of 2006

List of 12

Cory’s yearly list that that gives insight in to pitchers at or near 500 innings who are ready to breakout.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Neighbor Steve

One of the original listeners who has contributed both on and off the air.


Inaugural Class of 2006

Fred in Cali

One of the original listeners who has contributed both on and off the air.

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