2006 All-Disapointment Team

On today’s show me and Schwartz unveiled our all disappointment team for 2006. Below is the lineups with some comments. Friday we’ll give you our all-fantasy team for 2006.

Feel free to post your team and I will read some postings on the show Friday.


C: Cory and I both agreed on Jason Varitek even though we felt bad about it, but it was a good year for backstops and Tek when healthy stunk.

1B: We both agreed on Mark Teixeira. He was the anti-Howard. Tex may have gone as high as 3rd overall and he did not deliver.

2B: Cory went with Marcus Giles. I went with Mark Loretta. Right handed in that park and you don’t sniff 10 homers?

SS: Both agreed on Jhonny Peralta. Less homers, huge drop in average and increase in strikeouts. No bueno.

3B: We both agreed on Hank Blalock. If not for Gary Matthews Jr and Mark DeRosa the Rangers may not have scored this year. Only kidding Michael Young fans.

OF: Cory went Kevin Mench, Randy Winn and Shawn Green. I agreed on Mench who had 7 good days, but I took Chone Figgins and Brad Wilkerson. Figgins was a second rounder in most leagues and he hit, stole and scored less then 2005.

SP: A total of three here. Randy Johnson, Jake Peavy and Felix Hernandez. I thought King Felix was a reach because I wasn’t that high on him, but Cory is right that a lot of others were and he just wasn’t that good overall.

Closer: Brad Lidge. Enough said.

We both agreed that Teixeira is the "all-star" of this squad



man. how do you forget scotty pods? i know he wasnt too bad, but 15 or 20 steals under what was projected! he really want great, usual low average, terrible runs, and very low on hits. understandibly, he was not said, but honestly, his season was BY FAR underpar.

also, michael young was left out of this list. he, again, had an absolutely decent year, but nothing amazing like what we saw the flash of at the very beginning of the season after the “cleats too small” incident…

thanks for another GREAT season of the fantasy 411!

Again, I made up a team of guys that you two didn’t choose. I used Tim Dierkes’ preseason rankings from The Hardball Times.

C Javier Valentin/Jason LaRue – Nice platoon in ’05, horrible in ’06

1B – Dan Johnson/Chris Shelton – Great sleepers…or not.

2B – Jorge Cantu – got hurt, but his line was really ugly after big power numbers in ’05.

3B – Chad Tracy – Big sleeper…that had a .130 point drop in OPS>

SS – Bobby Crosby – Maybe ESPN fired him for nominating this guy as an MVP candidate, not the harrasment (was injured, but horrible when played).

OF – Coco Crisp – Expected big jump, go big drop off (was injured but bad when played).

OF – Brian Giles – .120 drop off after nice contract year.

OF – Jeremy Hermida – Huge sleeper and ROY candidate…or not.

SP – Andy Pettite – I guess Clemens really did help him out.

SP – Cliff Lee – Breakout candidate preseason, I guess he had a “break in” season.

SP – Freddy Garcia – Solid guy to pitch or ditch.

RP – Jose Valverde

RP – Derrick Turnbow – Both guys started off well, but completely fell of the map.

Crosby – maybe ESPN fired HAROLD REYNOLDS…

I’m not a fan of the Brad Wilkerson selection. Will Carroll first mentioned Wilkerson’s injury in his 4/20 UTK. His performance was dragged down by health. The only difference between him and someone on the DL is that he tried to play through it. Based on his performance, that obviously wasn’t a wise move.

Dishonorable Mentions

1B: Dan Johnson

2B: Jorge Cantu (Yeah, he missed 6 weeks, but where did the power go?)

OF: Jason Lane, Brady Clark

SP: Mark Buehrle, Noah Lowry, Josh Towers (Where did Buehrle and Lowry’s Ks go? Do I even need a reason for Towers?)

If I remember correctly, it was Gammons that picked Crosby as his preseason MVP. While it was a reach, 4 BP writers (Will Carroll, Christina Kharl, Nate Silver, Keith Woolner) also had Crosby on their preseason top 5 AL MVP predictions.

Craig – Dayton

Again I wanted to choose players that neither of you chose and come up with an all disappointment team. This was a little harder because you mentioned most of the **** that was on the field this year.

C – Yadier Molina – This is the only guy other than Tek that I could find that was a disappointing performer. He could not have been expected to do much but he only hit .217 and drove in 42 runs in 124 games.

1B – Dan johnson – If only for the expectations coming into the season after a good second half last year. .235 9 and 34 is not what owners were expecting.

2B – Jorge Cantu -.254 11 and 59 after he offensive year he had last year. Started off injured but played much of the season and did not perfom well.

SS – Felipe Lopez – The 42 steals are nice but owners who drafted him were looking for that 20 -80 – .290 season and didn’t get a sniff.

3B – Eric Chavez – Injury plagued season that ends at .240 – 21 – 76

OF – Scotty Pods – 3 HR and 45 RBI is not what is worrysome, the 19 SB drop is.

OF – Cliff Floyd – He did not play a full season but did not play well when he was in there to the tune of .243 11-43.

OF – Joey Gathright – First it was a lack of playing time, then he just ******. Can’t steal first as many have said. .229 and 22 SB.

DH – Jonny Gomes – After last season and the start to this one, the injury kills you and he finishes at .216 20 – 59.

SP – Mark Buerhle – 12-13 4.99. His lowest win total in a while, along with a 1.87 jump in ERA.

SP – Doug Davis – 10-11 is bad but not so much worse than Capuano right now, but a drop of 56 K and a jump o a 5.02 ERA.

Closer – Jose Valverde – Started off hot and then caught fire the wrong way, increasing his ERA by 3.73.

Can’t pick an all disappointment from this team, but I do agree with Tex, although I traded for him in a long term keeper league in May. Caught his second half and hopefully he bounces back next year.

Mike in CT

Two big guys I needed this year in my NL only league who ******.
1. Jason Lane – 200 batting average. Thanks.

2. Pedro (he was a keeper) – 9 wins with over a four ERA on the best team in the NL. That was the ace of the METS Thanks for nothing.

Two big guys I needed this year in my NL only league who ******.
1. Jason Lane – 200 batting average. Thanks.

2. Pedro (he was a keeper) – 9 wins with over a four ERA on the best team in the NL. That was the ace of the METS Thanks for nothing.

Tampa Pete

Great job again with the all-Disappointment team…. Not much to add, but I’ll toss out a few names which weren’t mentioned….

Oh wait, before I go onto my list, I have to point out that you didn’t talk about the guy that I was most interested in your opinion of for the All-Surprise team….. Takashi Saito.

His stats in Japan weren’t so hot, though it looks like they had him starting last year, so I guess that would deflate his numbers somewhat in Japan.

But then he comes to MLB and then posts these numbers:

2.15 ERA/0.90 WHIP with 101 Ks, 6 Ws, and 21 SVs in 75 1/3 IP.

And he did this with Gagne as the closer, Baez as his back up, and Broxton as the future closer…. If that’s not a surprise at RP, I don’t know what is.

C – Javy Lopez – I wasn’t expecting much from him, but given the scarcity of C who you expect something from, he ranks close to Varitek in what you expected and did worse. I thought he had a chance to be a little higher given that they were going to try to DH him at the start of the year.

C – LaRue – He was injured so that’s part of the problem, but even when he was playing, he stunk it up. (.187 average, are you kidding me?). I drafted him in the last round of my draft as my sleeper C, and fortunately since he was injured moved on to other catchers including Napoli during his hot streak.

1B – Dan Johnson – Another sleeper who completely bombed.

SS – Bobby Crosby – I had him lower than most and he was even worse than MY expectations.

OF – JD Drew – He’s been healthy, but usually he puts up better power numbers when he is healthy….

OF – Floyd – Injuries have marred his year a little bit, but he’s been bad when he’s been playing.

Also, comment on Wilkerson. He was known to have a bum shoulder coming into the season. Unfortunately, it strongly affected his swing and therefore, produced the putrid numbers he had. Bad job by Daniels of doing the due diligence on Wilkerson to make sure that he would be back to the old Wilkerson.

SP – Pedro Martinez – Though he’s been injured, when he was pitching, he just hasn’t been the Pedro of old.

SP – Buerhle – K rate dropped, and ERA and WHIP correspondingly skyrocketed

SP – Lowry – he’s had some injury issues, but he’s still pitched quite a bit and he was below average for most of it.

Comment on Lidge. He basically has been the bane of my existence. As Cory said, it’s not so much that he’s been bad, but that Garner seems to change his mind about him as his closer every other day. I’ve dropped him twice only to pick him up later after he got the save, only to blow up again while I had him and lose the closer role again.

Wheeler seems to have the spot now, and since I’m pretty much set in 1st, I decided to keep Lidge on my team (as I’m trying to get all my core contributors back – including Hafner, Lugo, and Teahen – for the final days).

Otherwise, I’d just dump him as he finally seems to have lost Garner’s trust.

Lidge’s numbers for the year

5.50 ERA/1.46 WHIP/31 SV/100 K in 70 1/3 IP

Lidge’s numbers for me:

5.83 ERA/1.54 WHIP/30 SV/92 K in 66 1/3 IP


Here’s my AL only all disappointment team with 4×4 AL Draft Day prices (260 cap).
C- Victor Martinez $28 (Many expected 30+ hrs)

1B – Dan Johnson $35!! I was in an end of draft bidding war that I lost thank god.

2B – Jose Lopez $31 Week 1 FAAB actually…but still

SS – Jhonny Peralta $20 – can’t spell Johnny, can’t hit offspeed..nuff said.

3B – Alex Rodriguez $57 – Over the top bidding war.

OF – Scott Posednik $27 – Low BA

OF – Joey Gathright $18 – Lower BA.

OF – Aubrey Huff $28 – Took alot of patience and then he’s traded!

SP – Josh Beckett $30 – Decent numbers but I’d rather have Hanley and Anabel back.

SP – Mark Beurhle $32 – Too much mileage…finally caught up to him.

RP – Dan Miceli $8 (just kidding)..he was the openning day closer though!


Chris from Cali

P.S. – Going to get an animal style burger at lunch today!

OK, I’ll follow the trend and pick players you guys didn’t pick.

C-Jason LaRue, CIN

1B-Lance Niekro, SF (thought about this one forever, considered Jacobs and Johnson; instead of breaking out for .280, 15-20 HR when handed the job, he played so badly he got sent back down)

2B-Jorge Cantu, TB

3B-Eric Chavez, OAK

SS-Bobby Crosby, OAK & Clint Barmes, COL (I know the guy I traded Barmes thinks he was a disappointment)

OF-Scott Podsednik, CHW (couldn’t even be a solid one-category guy, caught 1-of-3 SB attempts; guess the .290 average was a fluke, too)

OF-Pat Burrell, PHI (.217 w/ RISP; ask Phillies fans how disappointed they are; he may be as hated as Santa Claus)

OF-Geoff Jenkins, MIL

SP-Tim Hudson, ATL

SP-Josh Beckett, BOS (HR total nearly tripled!)

CL-Derrick Turnbow, MIL (my closer to open the season, with Valverde and Gonzalez)

A few guys that maybe havent had previous huge seasons but I thought would have a good year and I had on at least one team and burnt me.

C – V Mart – Average was there, had some slumps, not the power I was hoping.

1B – Niekro – Thought he was a chance for a good year after finishin pretty strong last year, how wrong I was.

2B – Loretta – I too thought goin to Bosox would have big year.

3B – Ensberg – I was very disappointed with him this year, sure he had 23 bombs, but what else? Blalock a close 2nd.

SS – J-Honey Peralta – TERRIBLE!!

OF – Lane, Crisp, Willy Mo – As you can probably tell from come of my choices I am a tribe fan, and crisp and willy mo goin to bosox I thought would boost their numbers a lot, I think a lot of Willy mo.

SP – Cliff Lee – Break out year last year to very inconsistent this year, cant put anybody away, needs an out pitch.

RP – Devil Rays pen – Why on earth did I go near any of them?



R.I.P Steve Irwin

One closer who I think deserves a mention is Jason Isringhausen.

The 33 saves are OK, although a significant drop on last year, and that’s because the 10 blown saves (and 8 losses) are horrible – more losses than in his last 4 seasons combined!

Add that to a huge jump in ERA (2.14 to 3.55), WHIP (1.19 to 1.46) and HR allowed (4 to 10), and that adds up to one big disappointment in my opinion!

Chris (London)

This was not as easy as surprise team.
OF and SP were difficult.

I think I found one OF that hasn’t been mentioned.

Here are the results from the Swedish jury:



Cantu (So stinky when he played)


Ensberg (the *positive* was 23 HR when you expected 30)

Burrell (25 less RBI 30 points less in avg)


Jenkins (Salvaged a little with hot September streak)

Buerhle (or how the h-ll you spell it…)

Willis (ERA & WHIP up K and W down. More than doubled his BB’s…)

Pettitte (Only K’s are even)



And LVP of the Hall of Shame team: (drumrolls sounding)

Mark Teixeira

(Whom I’ve had on all my 4 fantasy teams)

Bertil from Sweden

And of course I was wrong, Burrell was mentioned earlier…

I fell that two new red sox players who entered the season with high hopes should at least get dishonurable mentions and they are “Coco” Crisp and Josh Beckett. both went into the season with high expectations and both failed to deliver.Ronan in Ireland

cory, remeber how in kennedy there were about 3 or 4 really special girls that represented the “a list” of every guy who wanted to go out with them, and then there was the next tier? not the same flashy name recognition and props from your buddies, but definitely a serviceable girlfriend? mark beuhrle was supposed to be that guy by all accounts. most previews had him in the top ten with a description like “he may not get the k’s, but as solid as any starter with whip, wins and era.” the guy who drafted him in the 5th round in my league performed a triumphant double roundhouse kick at the draft. and then sunk like a stone in the standings. -pete from jordan

Hey guys updated the wiki with the all suprise and dissappointment.

Mark in Corpus Christi

P.S. instead of studying for my finals


In September???????

Jason in NH writes:

C: Varitek (regardless of injury he should have had a much better BA and power!)

1B: Teixeira (‘nuf sed)

2B: Giles (Loretta’s expectations were much lower in my mind. I knew he’d have no power or RBI’s even in Fenway)

SS: Peralta (Who knew that this wouldn’t be RentAWreck again?)

3B: Ensberg (DTM. Period. Every year I draft him he bites or doesn’t play.)

OF: Crisp (He better have one heck of an injury, because he’s not in the same league as Damon)

OF: Wilkerson

OF: Bonds (I was disappointed the cheater wasn’t banned or jailed)

SP: Matt Clement (After spring training, I figured his head was screwed back on. Lo and behold, it falls off & now his arm might too…)

SP: Tim Hudson (Guess Beane *does* know what he’s doing.)

SP: Josh Beckett (After all the hype and what the Sox gave up? How do I get into Theo’s keeper league?)

RP: Turnbow (How do you go down the toliet so quickly?)

RP: Lidge (See Turnbow)

One additional name…

Morgan Ensberg

cost us a title in the storied General Leegue

“SP: Josh Beckett (After all the hype and what the Sox gave up? How do I get into Theo’s keeper league?)”

Jason, that trade was during Theo’s hiatus from the team.

I forgot one big one.
The King Felix of the NL going in….. Zach Duke

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