2006 All-Fantasy Team

First off I want to thank all of you for another great season. I can’t begin to say how impressed we are with you boys and girls. keep it up and keep listening.

To hear the show click on this link.

Like our other teams it’s all opinion and there are no wrong answers unless you put Dan Johnson at first base.

C: Joe Mauer. Brain McCann was awesome, but Mauer still is first catcher selected in 2007.

1B: Albert Pujols. I originally had Howard, but Cory was right about Phat Albert.

2B: Soriano. We had to expose him at 2B since he won’t qualify there in 2007 unless he signs with the Mets.

SS: Reyes. Position was loaded which shows you how sick Jose’s year was to come out on top of Rollins, Jeter and Hanley Ramirez. Tejada 3rd round next year?

3B: A-Rod. Another loaded position in 2006. We think Atkins was runner up with Aramis and Cabrera right there, but A-Rod had the best 5×5 year.

OF: I went Berkman, Beltran and Dye. Cory went Crawford, Dye and Beltran. We could have done the whole show on Outfielders on 2006.

SP: Johan, really it’s not worth talking about other pitchers. he is in his own class and anyone who takes a starter in the first round not named Johan is a fruitcake.

Closer: I took K-Rod. Cory took Joe Nathan. Two tremendous years.

Cory went Reyes for fantasy MVP. I went Soriano.

Can’t wait for draft next year. We’ll have some mock drafts during the winter.

We’ll be back on Monday then we are off until the World Series is done. Monday and Thursday will be our show days.

Have a great October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



No, thank you for another great year! we may keep you going, but your the reason we keep coming back!

Thanks to everyone who makes the show a success!

Go Reds!

Go Bengals!

Go Buckeyees!

GP in Cincinnati

Thanks for another excellent year! I don’t really get the opportunity to call from London, but I send the odd e-mail and never miss a show, even when I need to use the old Podcast!

Can’t really argue with the All Fantasy team – the only change for me would be including Grady Sizemore (with Beltran & Dye) at OF. He has been a true 5-cat contributor this year, and was a guy I targeted in every league (along with Brandon Webb – thanks again!)

Looking forward to the offseason shows…but in the meantime…

Lets Go Mets!

Chris in London

Thanks for the great show and the help all year long! I’m a podcast listener and love it!

Fantasy 411 = Steroids for fantasy players.

I’d like to get into a listener league next year to truly test my skills.

Like HOFer GP, I’m also from the ‘Nati. Go Reds and Who Dey!

-The Avocado

Here is another idea for a “Best of” show you can have: Best Team you could have realistically drafted this year.

This would be my team(round noted):

C: McCann: (after 10th)

1b: Howard (4th): tough choice between him and Pujols, but I’ll save round 1 for Johan

2b: Utley(2nd): I like spending a high pick on a great 2b

3b: Atkins (after 10th)

ss: Rollins(5th) Do people realize he has 25 hr, 124 runs, and 36sb? BTW, I realize an undrafted HanRam is a fine pick here.

OF: Dye(after 10th), Holliday(8th), V Wells (6th)

Util: Hafner (3rd)

P: Johan(1st)

RP: you can choose a otsuka, putz, papelbon…(one of those undrafted RP), or a Nathan in the 7th.

I realize I should probably plug Soriano in there instead of Utley or Hafner, but I like those guys better even though I realize Soriano has more value.

Great job this year guys.

Fantasy 411 = Steroids for fantasy players.

-The Avacado

I have only been listening since June, so I don’t know what you talk about in the offseason, but here are some good ideas for all fantasy teams:

I know these are very silly ideas, but if you have nothing to talk about…

All Breakthrough Team (Players who established themselvesin midseason (got playin time/called up/light clicked)/undrafted in vanilla leagues):

C Russel Martin

1b Adrian Gonzalez

2b Brandon Phillips

3b Mark Teahen

SS Jason Bartlett (no good choices here)

OF Juan Rivera

OF Nick Markakis

OF Rocco Baldelli

SP Frankie Liriano

SP Matt Cain

SP Cole Hamels

SP Chuck James

RP Akinori Otsuka

RP Takashi Saito (closers are a lot easier)

RP Cla Meredith (real fantasy asset down the stretch)

All Team Killers (Guys you couldn’t cut, but really hurt your team with minimal benefit, especially rate stats):

Sexson (until Sept), Lidge, Griffey etc.

For those of you dedicated enough to come check the blog, i have a surprise for you. Brad has finnished his end of year summation of “Pitch or ditch” and the results can be found early at
the mlbradiofans.COM forums/fantasy411 or directly at the link below!



Thanks guys for another great season! Agree with your allstar team (I’ve got a little man crush on Berkman, so he has to be in there).

Thanks again, Daniël from Holland

I just saw Jeter bunt in the first inning, I hope Cory is allright…

I’m having withdraw symptoms, I havn’t heard the 411 in 9 days!

I know your busy but throw us a bone, update the Blog. How bout telling us who MLB will send to cover the Games in Japan Mike??? Kazie in tokyo is dying to find out.

GP in Cincinnati

players who are DTM should always be revived if they can take you to the World Series!!! Suppan and Weaver, of course! – man, Cory is a genius – just about 4 months too late on the results – tough playoffs for our hosts from New York….

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