Pitch or Ditch for Saturday and Sunday

Here we go since I know some of you need to be pushed off some fences.


I say yes on Garland and Garza. Cory says yes on Garza only

We both say yes on Sheets. I say yes on Suppan Cory says no

pass on Wolf and Olsen

Yes on Francis , no on Mateo

Yes on Millwood, no on King Felix

No on Marcum and Karstens

Yes on Cain and Maddux

No on Mr Gout and no on Gonzalez

no on Loewen I say no on Wakefield, Cory says yes on Wake

Yes on Arroyo no on McLeary

no on both for Braves vs Stros

no on both for Tigers vs KC

yes on Glavine, no on Perez

yes on Westbrook, no on Seo.

Yes on Haren and Saunders


Yes on Pettitte and Smoltz

Yes on Bonderman, no on Odalis

No on Trachsel and Ortiz

Yes on Myers and D-Train

Yes on Lee, no on Hammel

Cory says yes on jaret Wright, I say no on both

No on both for Reds vs. Bucs and Sox vs. O’s

Cory says yes on Vazquez and no on Baker , I’ll take the opposite.

Yes on Chris Carpenter, no on Villanueva

Cory says yes on Wade Miller I say no on both

Yes on Rich Harden , no on Moseley

Yes on Lowe and Schmidt

Robinson tejeda yes, Jake Woods no

Yes on Woody and Webb

1 Comment

Wow, Sunday too?!? What a great going away present for us loyal listeners to the end (of the season)!

Thanks guys.

– Jason in NH

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