First mock draft for ’07!

Hi gang,

I did my first mock draft of the winter last night, for a fantasy publication coming out in the spring. I picked second out of 15 in a standard 5×5 league, serpentine draft. The results:

Round     Pick                                      Comment

R1>>       Jose Reyes (SS)                     Speed, power and improved plate discipline too!

R2<<       Justin Morneau (1B)               Already damn good and getting better

R3>>       Hanley Ramirez (SS)               Made a believer out of me in ’06

R4<<       Francisco Rodriguez (CL)        You know I love a power bullpen…

R5>>       B.J. Ryan (CL)                        …And these two are the best

R6<<       Prince Fielder (1B)                  Rapidly improving young slugger

R7>>       Alex Rios (OF)                       Healthy again and ready for a power spike

R8<<       Barry Bonds (OF)                    Needed the power… hey, someone had to do it!

R9>>       Danny Haren (SP)                   Signs point to a breakout year… Lo12 fave

R10<<     Chris Capuano (SP)                Solid K’s, improving control… another Lo12 guy

R11>>     Kenji Johjima (C)                  Very consistent in ’06 and should repeat

R12<<     Josh Barfield (2B                   Trade to Cleveland could mean more power

R13>>     Josh Willingham (OF)             Big finish in ’06 shows major upside

R14<<     Jose Valverde (CL)                 Another closer with a high K rate

R15>>     Chuck James (SP)                  Just needs to control the HR’s to excel

R16<<     Mike Piazza (C)                      Value pick, since all the full-timers were gone

R17>>     Carlos Quentin (OF)                XBH machine in a hitters’ park… me likey!

R18<<     Andy Marte (3B)                     Might need one more year, but the rest were gone

R19>>     Nate Robertson (SP)               Solid, consistent, but unspectacular… Lo12 guy

R20<<     Boof Bonser (SP)                    Impressive debut, but can he repeat?

R21>>     Justin Duchscherer (MR)         Solid ratios and vulture saves if Street can’t go

R22<<     Garrett Anderson (OF)            Hey, I needed an outfielder and I hear he is one

R23>>     Kevin Kouzmanoff (UT)           High AVG’s should hold up in SD, but the power… ?

The player picking before me in the even rounds took Sizemore, Damon and Swisher in three straight rounds, each time when I was going to take that player with my next pick. As a result I ended up with a pretty mediocre outfield, especially if Bonds continues to fade in ’07. Overall we’re a little shy of power throughout the lineup.

Otherwise, though, the basic 411 strategy played out fairly well: good speed, a deep power bullpen, mid-round starting pitching bargains… note that I went for THREE list of 12 guys, plus 411 fave Chucky James and Boof Bonser.

Also, given the depth of a 15-team league vs. 12 teams, I ended up gambling on a lot of younger players (Morneau, Ramirez, Fielder, Barfield, Quentin, etc.). A few more established players might’ve lent a little bit more predictability to my roster.


Also… anyone out there with the Gentile or Klayman leagues, can you please post the winning totals in each of the 10 categories this season? Thanks to GP I have the results of the other three leagues so once I get those two I will post all five and we can fine-tune our draft-day goals for ’07.

Happy baseball!



I like the first 4 picks along the lines of the basic 411 strategy. Not quite the usual F-you Cory offense, but it seems like the guys he was targeting were being swiped out from under him. I’m curious who else was available hitting-wise during the 5th and 6th rounds. I think that maybe I would have held out a little longer on RP #2 (say for Hoffman) and tried to get a more established hitter. Also, a little surprised by the Fielder pick (despite the huge power potential) – again, not sure who else was available. Very encouraging to see List of 12 guys Haren and Capuano available in 9th and 10th rounds of a 15 team league! Thanks for posting this Cory.
Bob in Oregon

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me and helped collect the Listener league info. The complete list has been e-mailed to Cory and the 411.


Assuming you can start a MI, otherwise SS in 1st and 3rd is strange.

I’m a bit mystified by the Hanley Ramirez pick, even if you do start a MI. Round 3 (#32 overall) is too early for me, especially as you already had Reyes. In a 15-team league, he gives you a great start in SBs without Hanley, and, as you know, you can always pick up a few guys who will give you 10 or so throughout the draft.

I think that, by going with Hanley here, it has really cost you in the power numbers. You acknowledge that your OF is not the best, and Marte as your starting 3B is a big risk too. I would have grabbed a big bat at OF/3B here (although it does depend on who was available, of course).

I like the K-Rod/Ryan back-to-back picks, and Haren, Capuano, Barfield & the two catchers look like good value picks for where you got them. Overall SPs look a little light, but then that’s what pitch & ditch is for!

i hope for your sake that h. ramirez steps forward and has a great year so you can trade him for a power bat. i was also interested to see how high people were on swisher. sizemore in the second round would have been a bonanza for you. now you have to live with justin, who i drafted in the 15th last year, and then gave up on him with his slow start and traded him. i considered drowning myself in caman’s pond on shore drive as the year progressed.

Wish you would post the entire draft, been looking for one current all over the net. Only CBS has one fully posted. Your draft record has some gaping holes besides the drafting errors. (holes: type league, roto, pts, etc., positions MI,CI,2Cs etc.,and the rest of draft)

That withstanding, I agree with jwr, SS in 1st and 3rd pick is ridiculous! There are other positions with similar speed much, much lower in draft. Power closers in back to back rds 4 & 5 are also ridiculous! How many years in a row have I seen top 5 RPs go down in flames or injured i.e.,(Lidge,Gagne) and new top 5 RPs appear in rds 10 thru 20, i.e.,(Papelbon,Putz). Excellent newcomers are always found post draft, rising from obscurity i.e.,in addition(Otsuka,Saito,Wainwright). My point is, why waste a grand opportunity for power hitters atleast 2 in your 1st five rounds? Your obsession with power RPs can still be fulfilled, believe it!

Now I have to get on my high C selection rant. No, skip the rant, let just say your approach ***. Every year I wait until after the 18th round to select a catcher(not Piazza). Every year my team has one of the top 3 catchers in the league, all year long. How you say, some good judgement and alot of waiver wire. That’s right, that’s where you’ll find top catchers all year long. Your guy gets injured like catchers always do, take the hot bat. Last year scavenged McCann off the bottom. When he was injured I picked up LoDuca, then Martin. When McCann recovered I put him back to work and he crushed. You gotta remember, none of these guys play 162 games! So take your 11th rd and pick up someone with 100 more ABs, 25 more runs, and 20 more RBIs in your case a 3B!

Definitely your OF stinks! You didn’t pickup a 3rd fulltime OF until the 17th rd, what were you thinking?

You can expect a sophmore plunge from more than 1, but I actually like a few of

your picks;Haren, Capuano,Rios,Barfield as a backup to another pick woulda been nice.

Think about it, good luck in the real deal.


Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Obviously a few of you didn’t read at the very beginning where I said I picked “second out of 15 in a standard 5×5 league”. How much more clear do I need to be than that?

In any case, no, drafting a pair of SS in the first three rounds would not have been my preference, but if you check out the complete draft that is available here, who would’ve been the better pick in the third round than Hanley Ramirez, in terms of overall value? Same thing with Prince Fielder in the sixth round… I took who I thought offered the best power upside regardless of position.

And, as noted, Lawr Michaels took three straight OF’s that I was planning on taking with the next pick each time – Sizemore, Damon and Swisher – so it’s not like I didn’t recognize early on that I had an issue with my OF. But as we say on the 411, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy… you have to adapt. So I adapted by drafting a ton of speed and bullpen and finding power where I could.

To BIGDOGZ, you may disagree with my draft strategy, but I’ve won a lot of leagues this way (and finished sixth in the country out of 330 teams in the NFBC this year), so to say my approach su*ks or stinks or anything else is just plain ignorant.

In any case, agree with any of this or don’t… the purpose in my posting this for you all to see is so you can get an early line on your strategy for ’07. You don’t have to do it this way, but as we say, it’s better to have a bad plan and stick to it than to have no plan at all. Good luck planning!


Pick — Owner — Player
R1 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Pujols, Albert

R1 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Reyes, Jose

R1 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Rodriguez, Alex

R1 P4 — Jeff Barton — Beltran, Carlos

R1 P5 — Pete Becker — Soriano, Alfonso

R1 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Crawford, Carl

R1 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Guerrero, Vladimir

R1 P8 — Brian Walton — Howard, Ryan

R1 P9 — Jason Pliml — Utley, Chase

R1 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Wright, David

R1 P11 — Todd Zola — Santana, Johan

R1 P12 — Trace Wood — Berkman, Lance

R1 P13 — Vince Cortes — Cabrera, Miguel

R1 P14 — Geoff Stein — Ortiz, David

R1 P15 — Doug Dennis — Jeter, Derek

R2 P1 — Doug Dennis — Holliday, Matt

R2 P2 — Geoff Stein — Suzuki, Ichiro

R2 P3 — Vince Cortes — Wells, Vernon

R2 P4 — Trace Wood — Mauer, Joe

R2 P5 — Todd Zola — Rollins, Jimmy

R2 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Abreu, Bobby

R2 P7 — Jason Pliml — Lee, Carlos

R2 P8 — Brian Walton — Figgins, Chone

R2 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Tejada, Miguel

R2 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Hafner, Travis

R2 P11 — Pete Becker — Teixeira, Mark

R2 P12 — Jeff Barton — Bay, Jason

R2 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Sizemore, Grady

R2 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Morneau, Justin

R2 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Ramirez, Manny

R3 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Lee, Derrek

R3 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Ramirez, Hanley

R3 P3 — Lawr Michaels — McCann, Brian

R3 P4 — Jeff Barton — Young, Michael

R3 P5 — Pete Becker — Carpenter, Chris

R3 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Ramirez, Aramis

R3 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Halladay, Roy

R3 P8 — Brian Walton — Furcal, Rafael

R3 P9 — Jason Pliml — Lopez, Felipe

R3 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Martinez, Victor

R3 P11 — Todd Zola — Atkins, Garrett

R3 P12 — Trace Wood — Nathan, Joe

R3 P13 — Vince Cortes — Pierre, Juan

R3 P14 — Geoff Stein — Konerko, Paul

R3 P15 — Doug Dennis — Roberts, Brian

R4 P1 — Doug Dennis — Jones, Andruw

R4 P2 — Geoff Stein — Zimmerman, Ryan

R4 P3 — Vince Cortes — Patterson, Corey

R4 P4 — Trace Wood — Hall, Bill

R4 P5 — Todd Zola — Delgado, Carlos

R4 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Oswalt, Roy

R4 P7 — Jason Pliml — Zambrano, Carlos

R4 P8 — Brian Walton — Dye, Jermaine

R4 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Thome, Jim

R4 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Webb, Brandon

R4 P11 — Pete Becker — Giambi, Jason

R4 P12 — Jeff Barton — Dunn, Adam

R4 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Damon, Johnny

R4 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Rodriguez, Francisco

R4 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Guillen, Carlos

R5 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Glaus, Troy

R5 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Ryan, B.J.

R5 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Iguchi, Tadahito

R5 P4 — Jeff Barton — Cano, Robinson

R5 P5 — Pete Becker — Rolen, Scott

R5 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Rivera, Mariano

R5 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Jones, Chipper

R5 P8 — Brian Walton — Matsui, Hideki

R5 P9 — Jason Pliml — Helton, Todd

R5 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Renteria, Edgar

R5 P11 — Todd Zola — Sheffield, Gary

R5 P12 — Trace Wood — Thomas, Frank

R5 P13 — Vince Cortes — Uggla, Dan

R5 P14 — Geoff Stein — Peavy, Jake

R5 P15 — Doug Dennis — Beltre, Adrian

R6 P1 — Doug Dennis — Sexson, Richie

R6 P2 — Geoff Stein — Lugo, Julio

R6 P3 — Vince Cortes — Wagner, Billy

R6 P4 — Trace Wood — Kazmir, Scott

R6 P5 — Todd Zola — Podsednik, Scott

R6 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Smoltz, John

R6 P7 — Jason Pliml — Lackey, John

R6 P8 — Brian Walton — Phillips, Brandon

R6 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Cordero, Chad

R6 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Sheets, Ben

R6 P11 — Pete Becker — Young, Delmon

R6 P12 — Jeff Barton — Zito, Barry

R6 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Swisher, Nick

R6 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Fielder, Prince

R6 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Jenks, Bobby

R7 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Willis, Dontrelle

R7 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Rios, Alexis

R7 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Verlander, Justin

R7 P4 — Jeff Barton — Hernandez, Felix

R7 P5 — Pete Becker — Weaver, Jered

R7 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Putz, J.J.

R7 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Roberts, Dave

R7 P8 — Brian Walton — Hoffman, Trevor

R7 P9 — Jason Pliml — Street, Huston

R7 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Gonzalez, Adrian

R7 P11 — Todd Zola — Kent, Jeff

R7 P12 — Trace Wood — Weeks, Rickie

R7 P13 — Vince Cortes — Harden, Rich

R7 P14 — Geoff Stein — Hamels, Cole

R7 P15 — Doug Dennis — Hunter, Torii

R8 P1 — Doug Dennis — Ibanez, Raul

R8 P2 — Geoff Stein — Fuentes, Brian

R8 P3 — Vince Cortes — Cain, Matthew

R8 P4 — Trace Wood — Sabathia, C.C.

R8 P5 — Todd Zola — Cordero, Francisco

R8 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Ordonez, Magglio

R8 P7 — Jason Pliml — Myers, Brett

R8 P8 — Brian Walton — Bonderman, Jeremy

R8 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Rodriguez, Ivan

R8 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Young, Chris

R8 P11 — Pete Becker — LaRoche, Adam

R8 P12 — Jeff Barton — Crede, Joe

R8 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Cuddyer, Michael

R8 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Bonds, Barry

R8 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Cantu, Jorge

R9 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Gordon, Tom

R9 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Haren, Dan

R9 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Johnson, Nick

R9 P4 — Jeff Barton — Posada, Jorge

R9 P5 — Pete Becker — Rivera, Juan

R9 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Drew, Stephen

R9 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Tracy, Chad

R9 P8 — Brian Walton — Mora, Melvin

R9 P9 — Jason Pliml — Martin, Russell

R9 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Jones, Todd

R9 P11 — Todd Zola — Gonzalez, Mike

R9 P12 — Trace Wood — Burnett, A.J.

R9 P13 — Vince Cortes — Cabrera, Orlando

R9 P14 — Geoff Stein — Harang, Aaron

R9 P15 — Doug Dennis — Burrell, Pat

R10 P1 — Doug Dennis — Cameron, Mike

R10 P2 — Geoff Stein — Kendrick, Howie

R10 P3 — Vince Cortes — Lidge, Brad

R10 P4 — Trace Wood — Matthews Jr., Gary

R10 P5 — Todd Zola — Huff, Aubrey

R10 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Freel, Ryan

R10 P7 — Jason Pliml — Hernandez, Ramon

R10 P8 — Brian Walton — Otsuka, Akinori

R10 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Bedard, Erik

R10 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Kinsler, Ian

R10 P11 — Pete Becker — Bradley, Milton

R10 P12 — Jeff Barton — Schmidt, Jason

R10 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Beckett, Josh

R10 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Capuano, Chris

R10 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Hawpe, Brad

R11 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Schilling, Curt

R11 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Johjima, Kenji

R11 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Wainwright, Adam

R11 P4 — Jeff Barton — Chavez, Eric

R11 P5 — Pete Becker — Matsuzaka, Daisuke

R11 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Drew, J.D.

R11 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Baldelli, Rocco

R11 P8 — Brian Walton — Olsen, Scott

R11 P9 — Jason Pliml — Encarnacion, Edwin

R11 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Garciaparra, Nomar

R11 P11 — Todd Zola — Barrett, Michael

R11 P12 — Trace Wood — Kearns, Austin

R11 P13 — Vince Cortes — Hermida, Jeremy

R11 P14 — Geoff Stein — Ray, Chris

R11 P15 — Doug Dennis — Overbay, Lyle

R12 P1 — Doug Dennis — Sanchez, Freddy

R12 P2 — Geoff Stein — Pierzynski, A.J.

R12 P3 — Vince Cortes — Santana, Ervin

R12 P4 — Trace Wood — Hill, Rich

R12 P5 — Todd Zola — Ensberg, Morgan

R12 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Wang, Chien-ming

R12 P7 — Jason Pliml — Monroe, Craig

R12 P8 — Brian Walton — Jackson, Conor

R12 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Giles, Marcus

R12 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Crisp, Coco

R12 P11 — Pete Becker — Francoeur, Jeff

R12 P12 — Jeff Barton — Hillenbrand, Shea

R12 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Peralta, Jhonny

R12 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Barfield, Josh

R12 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Granderson, Curtis

R13 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Papelbon, Jon

R13 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Willingham, Josh

R13 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Saito, Takashi

R13 P4 — Jeff Barton — Pena, Wily Mo

R13 P5 — Pete Becker — Belliard, Ron

R13 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Varitek, Jason

R13 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Lopez, Jose

R13 P8 — Brian Walton — Byrnes, Eric

R13 P9 — Jason Pliml — Nolasco, Ricky

R13 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Wickman, Bob

R13 P11 — Todd Zola — Escobar, Kelvim

R13 P12 — Trace Wood — Upton, B.J.

R13 P13 — Vince Cortes — Markakis, Nick

R13 P14 — Geoff Stein — Durham, Ray

R13 P15 — Doug Dennis — Iannetta, Chris

R14 P1 — Doug Dennis — Ross, David

R14 P2 — Geoff Stein — Nady, Xavier

R14 P3 — Vince Cortes — Jacobs, Mike

R14 P4 — Trace Wood — Patterson, John

R14 P5 — Todd Zola — Shealy, Ryan

R14 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Griffey, Ken

R14 P7 — Jason Pliml — Giles, Brian

R14 P8 — Brian Walton — Arroyo, Bronson

R14 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Davis, Doug

R14 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Mussina, Mike

R14 P11 — Pete Becker — Sanchez, Anibal

R14 P12 — Jeff Barton — Penny, Brad

R14 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Duffy, Chris

R14 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Valverde, Jose

R14 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Teahen, Mark

R15 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Floyd, Cliff

R15 P2 — Cory Schwartz — James, Chuck

R15 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Snell, Ian

R15 P4 — Jeff Barton — Rowand, Aaron

R15 P5 — Pete Becker — Cedeno, Ronny

R15 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Garko, Ryan

R15 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — McCarthy, Brandon

R15 P8 — Brian Walton — Padilla, Vicente

R15 P9 — Jason Pliml — Contreras, Jose

R15 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Castillo, Luis

R15 P11 — Todd Zola — Bush, David

R15 P12 — Trace Wood — Hart, Corey

R15 P13 — Vince Cortes — Billingsley, Chad

R15 P14 — Geoff Stein — Crosby, Bobby

R15 P15 — Doug Dennis — Lowe, Derek

R16 P1 — Doug Dennis — Pettitte, Andy

R16 P2 — Geoff Stein — Winn, Randy

R16 P3 — Vince Cortes — Johnson, Josh

R16 P4 — Trace Wood — Jones, Jacque

R16 P5 — Todd Zola — Edmonds, Jim

R16 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Millwood, Kevin

R16 P7 — Jason Pliml — Polanco, Placido

R16 P8 — Brian Walton — Hudson, Orlando

R16 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Reyes, Anthony

R16 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Blalock, Hank

R16 P11 — Pete Becker — Molina, Bengie

R16 P12 — Jeff Barton — Cabrera, Daniel

R16 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Kendall, Jason

R16 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Piazza, Mike

R16 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Gagne, Eric

R17 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Buehrle, Mark

R17 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Quentin, Carlos

R17 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Lowry, Noah

R17 P4 — Jeff Barton — Benitez, Armando

R17 P5 — Pete Becker — Broxton, Jonathan

R17 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Laird, Gerald

R17 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Young, Chris

R17 P8 — Brian Walton — Hensley, Clay

R17 P9 — Jason Pliml — Sowers, Jeremy

R17 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Lo Duca, Paul

R17 P11 — Todd Zola — Greene, Khalil

R17 P12 — Trace Wood — Gordon, Alex

R17 P13 — Vince Cortes — Burke, Chris

R17 P14 — Geoff Stein — Estrada, Johnny

R17 P15 — Doug Dennis — Vazquez, Javier

R18 P1 — Doug Dennis — Zumaya, Joel

R18 P2 — Geoff Stein — Ethier, Andre

R18 P3 — Vince Cortes — Youkilis, Kevin

R18 P4 — Trace Wood — Betemit, Wilson

R18 P5 — Todd Zola — DeJesus, David

R18 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Encarnacion, Juan

R18 P7 — Jason Pliml — Wheeler, Dan

R18 P8 — Brian Walton — Kemp, Matt

R18 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Doumit, Ryan

R18 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Gibbons, Jay

R18 P11 — Pete Becker — Soriano, Rafael

R18 P12 — Jeff Barton — Vizquel, Omar

R18 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Inge, Brandon

R18 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Marte, Andy

R18 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Johnson, Randy

R19 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Rogers, Kenny

R19 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Robertson, Nate

R19 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Bartlett, Jason

R19 P4 — Jeff Barton — Shields, Scot

R19 P5 — Pete Becker — Neshek, Pat

R19 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Loretta, Mark

R19 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Kotchman, Casey

R19 P8 — Brian Walton — Jennings, Jason

R19 P9 — Jason Pliml — Choo, Shin-soo

R19 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Glavine, Tom

R19 P11 — Todd Zola — Lee, Cliff

R19 P12 — Trace Wood — Prior, Mark

R19 P13 — Vince Cortes — Tankersley, Taylor

R19 P14 — Geoff Stein — Francis, Jeff

R19 P15 — Doug Dennis — Garcia, Freddy

R20 P1 — Doug Dennis — Shields, James

R20 P2 — Geoff Stein — Blake, Casey

R20 P3 — Vince Cortes — Paulino, Ronny

R20 P4 — Trace Wood — Perez, Oliver

R20 P5 — Todd Zola — Maddux, Greg

R20 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Wigginton, Ty

R20 P7 — Jason Pliml — Lofton, Kenny

R20 P8 — Brian Walton — Olivo, Miguel

R20 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Thames, Marcus

R20 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Johnson, Reed

R20 P11 — Pete Becker — Clemens, Roger

R20 P12 — Jeff Barton — Duncan, Chris

R20 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Kotsay, Mark

R20 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Bonser, Boof

R20 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Derosa, Mark

R21 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Scott, Luke

R21 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Duchscherer, Justin

R21 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Westbrook, Jake

R21 P4 — Jeff Barton — Hudson, Tim

R21 P5 — Pete Becker — Coffey, Todd

R21 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Duke, Zach

R21 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Borowski, Joe

R21 P8 — Brian Walton — Lilly, Ted

R21 P9 — Jason Pliml — Punto, Nick

R21 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Linebrink, Scott

R21 P11 — Todd Zola — McClung, Seth

R21 P12 — Trace Wood — Navarro, Dioner

R21 P13 — Vince Cortes — Murton, Matt

R21 P14 — Geoff Stein — Timlin, Mike

R21 P15 — Doug Dennis — Maine, John

R22 P1 — Doug Dennis — Martinez, Pedro

R22 P2 — Geoff Stein — Garland, Jon

R22 P3 — Vince Cortes — Dempster, Ryan

R22 P4 — Trace Wood — Guillen, Jose

R22 P5 — Todd Zola — Pelfrey, Mike

R22 P6 — Tom Kessenich — Suppan, Jeff

R22 P7 — Jason Pliml — Green, Shawn

R22 P8 — Brian Walton — Molina, Yadier

R22 P9 — Peter Kreutzer — Lieber, Jon

R22 P10 — Gene McCaffrey — Wolf, Randy

R22 P11 — Pete Becker — Pedroia, Dustin

R22 P12 — Jeff Barton — Isringhausen, Jason

R22 P13 — Lawr Michaels — Washburn, Jarrod

R22 P14 — Cory Schwartz — Anderson, Garret

R22 P15 — Jeff Erickson — Bard, Josh

R23 P1 — Jeff Erickson — Alfonzo, Eliezer

R23 P2 — Cory Schwartz — Kouzmanoff, Kevin

R23 P3 — Lawr Michaels — Weathers, David

R23 P4 — Jeff Barton — Barton, Daric

R23 P5 — Pete Becker — Barajas, Rod

R23 P6 — Gene McCaffrey — Weaver, Jeff

R23 P7 — Peter Kreutzer — Greinke, Zach

R23 P8 — Brian Walton — Lowell, Mike

R23 P9 — Jason Pliml — Hansen, Craig

R23 P10 — Tom Kessenich — Braun, Ryan

R23 P11 — Todd Zola — Zaun, Gregg

R23 P12 — Trace Wood — Bray, Bill

R23 P13 — Vince Cortes — Saltalamacchia, Jared

R23 P14 — Geoff Stein — Wood, Kerry

R23 P15 — Doug Dennis — Bailey, Homer

Thanks for posting the full draft – makes interesting reading!

Without analysing the whole draft, I find it interesting that you passed up on Manny in the 2nd to take Morneau instead. I would have taken Manny in the 2nd, and hoped that Morneau would make the turn. There would have been a good chance of that with Jeff Erickson already having a 1B in Pujols, and even if he took Morneau, Lee would have made it back to you.

A starting trio of Reyes, Manny & Morneau/Lee looks a more solid core to build your team around than Reyes, Morneau & Hanley Ramirez.


I don’t understand the comment about your roster being predictable, as if it is a bad thing. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I am drafting, I don’t worry too much about what everyone else is doing, I just get what I need when I think I need it.

I agree, I think Hanley in the 3rd isn’t the greatest idea, considering you already had Reyes. I think a slugging outfielder would have been a better pick at that point. Maybe that would have been a good time to get Damon or Swisher….or even Andruw Jones or Jermaine Dye, who I noticed both went in the 6th round. But hey, if Ramirez puts up the same numbers as last year, your MI ROCKS!!! And you could probably name your price if you wanted to move one of those guys to fill some other need. So I can see it working out too.

As far as Fielder in the 6th, I see your point about not much being available, if you really needed a corner guy….although I see Crede was still available, and I would have probably gone with him instead….a little more established.

Interesting draft….I better be careful, I might learn a few things here……

Greg in Cincy

Hey Greg, by predictable what I meant was that a lot of my picks are young “upside” guys who don’t have as much track record to go on when projecting their 2006 performance: Morneau, Ramirez, Fielder, Barfield, Quentin, etc. Players like Manny, Dye, Andruw Jones might indeed have been better picks simply because it’s probably a little easier to project what they’ll do in ’07 based on what they’ve done in the past. Of course, Dye might’ve thrown a wrench in that evaluation last season…

Anyway, happy turkey to all!


cory updating the blog on thanksgiving. that’s staying hot! how do you do it? -pij

In round 1, I liked your choice in reyes. In round 2, you probably should’ve takin Manny, but I can live with Morneau. The third round is were you messed up. You picked Hanley Ramirez, who will probably not produce near the numbers he did last year when you still had Ramirez on the board. Your 4th and 5th pick were ok, considering what was on the board. I think that Jose Reyes, Manny Ramirez, and Aramis Ramirez sounds a lot better than Jose Reyes, Justin Morneau, and hanley ramirez. But hey, its just a winter draft!

Not sure anyone remembers this draft, but I guess Morneau/Manny was a wash, and is there anyone left who wants to criticize the Hanley Ramirez pick? I love it when a plan comes together!🙂

Of course, my bargain bin SP’s REALLY stunk it up, but hey, there’s always Haren…


Ok, now that the season is over, tell me the truth. Didn’t you dump over half of this team? Did you finish near the bottom of a 15 owner league? Tell me again why BJ Ryan is worth a 5th round pik after selecting F-rod? I hope you found Braun in time because you started without a 3B or a 2B for that matter and who’d you get to play outfield? Did you trade **** or keep one as Util?

Nice pik on Fielder,Rios and Valverde. Did you see all those new closers come to the fore? I got impatient this year and actually picked a catcher in the 13th round, Posada, hey he finished #1. Two leagues, two winners.

Better Luck next year.

It was a draft-and-hold league, and while I haven’t seen the results, I assume I finished somewhere mid-pack thanks to a big offense and a solid bullpen, even without Ryan (Valverde more than replaced him). No doubt my SP’s were horrible after Haren, but I drafted this team as if I would draft a team I would manage all season long… this would have been a pitch-and-ditch special!


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