Happy 411 Holidays!

Happy 411 Holidays!



That’s one of the best holiday cards ever. Great post.



This is great. I’d encourage everyone to add quotes or captions…. I need to think about this one and come up with something good.

Mike: “I can’t believe the mall fired me for drinking on the job, now what will I do with all my time off from MLB?” Cory: “Kiss it Mike, I gotta get this suit back to casey and tell Mrs Stats Jr’s getting a trio instead of a crackberry for christmas, Thanks!”

Great photo guys! Season’s Greetings to all.

Can’t wait till I start drafting my new teams. I had nine teams last year so my New Year’s resolution will be to keep it to 4 or 5.

Mike:”Cory, for the last time, no one knows who you are.”
Cory:”What? Everyone knows who I am. I’M THE JUGERNAUT *****”

After Santa crashed his sleigh, there was no choice but for him and his top elf to walk back to the North Pole.

Mike: You always said if Ted Lilly ever won 15 games….

Cory: Yeah, but it’s better than what would have happened if Brian Bannister would have won 17.

Hey everyone sorry to crash the post. I’m having a real hard time finding what I assumed would be something very simple.

I AM LOOKING FOR A KEEPER AUCTION LEAGUE SERVICE. I already have a group of friends assembled, but I’m amazed at how difficult it’s been to find something. Neither draft and trade nor yahoo can handle this, right?

Isn’t this kind of a standard type of league? Can anyone direct me towards such a league?

To charlescharris@gmail.com:

Try the find-a-league flea market at MLB Radio fans dot com:


Happy holidays friends!

Mike:”I should’ve listened to you when you said the winter meetings can get crazy.”

Cory:”C R A Z Y… where do you think Mathew3000 got that Madonna outfit?”

Mike:”from Madonna…for Eckstein’s autograph”

Charles – I have heard that people use chat rooms, through IM’s or websites (like MLBradiofans.com) chatrooms for doing the auction online. A quick search on Google gave me http://www.rotowire.com/mlbcommish06/

Nice quotes all – I’m leaning toward ggman’s…

Merry Christmas (if you partake) and a Happy New Year!

Zack – Philly.

Mike would be a perfect Santa Claus. Then he’d be expected to only work one day a year!

Only kidding Mike! We kid because we care.

Happy Holidays!

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