Sleepers and Busts and Upcoming Show News

Been awhile since I blogged so my bad.

On Thursday we had Fantasy Opening Day and brought you three hours of fantasy content on and MLB Radio. The first hour was mine and Cory’s picks for sleeper and busts at each position with us giving you two starters and two outfielders.

Here they are


Catcher. Cory-Ianetta / Siano-Laird

1B. Cory-Mike Jacobs/ Siano-Garko

2B. We both took Kinsler

3B. Cory-Betemit / Siano – Back to the well with Eddie Encarnacion

SS. Cory – Y. Betancourt / Siano – Lugo

OF. Cory – Nelson Cruz and Ryan Church / Siano – Wily Taveras and Hideki Matsui

SP. Cory – Erik Bedard and Dan Haren / Siano – Dan Haren and Dave Bush

CL. Cory – Valverde / Siano – Broxton


Catcher. Cory – Pudge / Siano – Barrett

1B. Cory – Youkilis / Siano – Conor Jackson

2B. Cory – Brandon Phillips / Siano – Ray Durham

3B. Cory – Mora / Siano – Crede

SS. Cory – Felipe Lopez / Siano – Bill Hall

OF. Cory – Milton Bradley and Jeff Francouer / Siano – Dye and Ibanez

SP. Cory – Zito and Willis / Siano – Dice-K and Jered Weaver

CL. Cory – Todd Jones / Siano – Borowski


We’ll be in Arizona at the Diamondbacks Fan fest on Saturday 2/24 from 1-2pm MT. Come by and say hello if you are in the area.

Starting March 12Th we go 5 days a week. Same noon ET time.



First off let me say that I love that everyone is getting so into fantasy baseball at this point in the winter. In my league each of the 12 owners gets to keep 14 guys so finding sleepers in the draft is a little harder. I love the idea of Laird because I have Russell Martin and having both of them would be a big boost to my speed which was really lacking last year. Betemit is a guy that I liked all year last year and is a possible keeper for me this year. Nelson Cruz and Willy Taveras are two OF that I really like as well, lots of power in TEX and lots of open space for Willy in COL. Haren may actually move into the overrated area if this talk keeps up. He keeps rising higher and higher it seems and is getting talked about alot. I have him and hope he can live up to all of this. He has supposedly been working on a cutter this offseason and Kendall says its a good one. Dave Bush is another guy that I loved last year but became almost a DTM for me because every time I put him in he got bombed. Alot like you guys have been talking about Snell where you take out those bad outings and it turns into a much better overall picture. His K rate and ratios were good but the overall line didn’t look that great. I love Broxton and his hard fastball. He has struck out 11.9 batters per inning in the last 2 years.

I have some questions on some other players that may be underrated. What does everyone think?

C – Josh Bard and Miguel Montero

1B – Dan Johnson

2B – Chris Burke, he may be eligible at 2B again next year if Biggio retires after ’07 or if he has to be an injury fill in.

SS – If Erick Aybar can get in the lineup and get on base I love his speed potential. Maybe JJ Hardy get back on track after an injury plagued ’06.

3B – Kevin Kouzmanoff should be able to hit the gaps quite a bit in SD, maybe doesn’t translate to homers but average and RBI should he okay.

OF – Two guys I really like for a combo of power and speed are Corey Hart and Chris Young.

SP – Ervin Santana, Rich Hill, and can Daniel Cabrera still be considered underrated.

RP – Joel Zumaya / Fernando Rodney – I put these guys together because Jones is another year older and how many times can he trot out there and dodge the bullet this year.

Mike in CT

How can Haren be a “sleeper” when he is ranked #10 among starting pitchers on this site? That doesn’t really seem like a sleeper to me.

To Fisher, agreed that Haren’s value has been skyrocketing this winter to the point where he might indeed be overrated. He’s beeing going in the 7th round of the 15-team mock drafts I’ve been doing, which he may well earn, but that’s a high price to spend to see if he does.

To Mike in CT, of the guys you mentioned, I like these in particular:

* Miguel Montero (good lefty bat in hitters park)

* Dan Johnson (could form a nice cheap 2-position platoon with Shannon Stewart)

* Kevin Kouzmanoff (I’m warming up to him. Hitters hit.)

* Chris Young, ARI (Comparisons to Cameron seem very reasonable and he’s been going relatively late in my mock drafts… could be a great value pick)

* Rodney/Zumaya (Todd Jones ain’t gonna last!)

I like Chris Burke but I’m afraid he’ll be exposed as an everyday player, might be better off as a “super UT” type.

Good luck everyone! — CS

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