2007-08 free agents

Glad you are all enjoying the projections!

Since you all know I’m a giver, here’s a list of pending 2007-08 free agents. Remember, the "contract year effect" is pretty well-established at this point, so it might not hurt to go the extra $1 on a few of these guys…


Abreu, Bobby NYY OF Club option
Affeldt, Jeremy COL LHR
Alfonseca, Antonio PHI RHR
Alou, Moises NYM RF Club option
Anderson, Marlon LAD 2B
Armas, Tony PIT RHS Mutual option
Ausmus, Brad HOU C
Bako, Paul BAL C
Barajas, Rod PHI C Club option
Barrett, Michael CHC C
Benitez, Armando SF RHR
Bennett, Gary STL C Mutual option
Benson, Kris BAL RHS Club option
Biggio, Craig HOU 2B
Blum, Geoff SD 3B
Bonds, Barry SF LF
Boone, Aaron FLA 3B
Borowski, Joe CLE RHS Club option
Bradley, Milton OAK OF
Branyan, Russell SD 3B
Brocail, Doug SD RHS
Buehrle, Mark CHW LHS
Byrd, Paul CLE RHS Club option
Byrnes, Eric ARI OF
Cairo, Miguel NYY 2B
Cameron, Mike SD OF
Carrasco, Hector LAA RHS Vesting, conditional option
Casey, Sean DET 1B
Castillo, Luis MIN 2B
Castro, Ramon NYM C
Chacon, Shawn PIT RHS
Cirillo, Jeff MIN 3B
Clark, Brady MIL OF
Clark, Tony ARI 1B
Clayton, Royce TOR SS
Clement, Matt BOS RHS
Colon, Bartolo LAA RHS
Conine, Jeff CIN IF
Cordero, Francisco MIL RHR
Cormier, Rheal CIN LHS Club, conditional option
Cruz Jr, Jose SD OF
DaVanon, Jeffrey ARI OF
Dessens, Elmer LAD RHR
Dotel, Octavio KC RHR Mutual option
Dunn, Adam CIN OF Club option
Dye, Jermaine CHW OF
Easley, Damion NYM 2B
Eckstein, David STL SS
Elarton, Scott KC RHS
Erstad, Darin CHW 1B Club, conditional option
Eyre, Scott CHC LHR Player option
Feliz, Pedro SF 3B
Floyd, Cliff CHC OF Club, conditional option
Fogg, Josh COL RHS
Fossum, Casey TB LHS Club option
Franco, Julio NYM 1B
Franklin, Ryan STL RHS
Fultz, Aaron CLE LHS Club option
Gagne, Eric TEX RHR
Garcia, Freddy PHI RHS
Giles, Marcus SD 2B Club option
Glavine, Tom NYM LHS Club, conditional option
Gomez, Chris BAL SS
Gonzalez, Luis LAD OF
Graffanino, Tony MIL 2B
Green, Shawn NYM OF Mutual option
Grudzielanek, Mark KC 2B Conditional option
Guillen, Carlos DET SS
Guillen, Jose SEA OF Mutual option
Hatteberg, Scott CIN 1B Club, conditional option
Hawkins, LaTroy COL RHR Mutual option
Hernandez, Livan ARI RHS
Hernandez, Roberto CLE RHS Club option
Hillenbrand, Shea LAA 1B Vesting, conditional option
Hinske, Eric BOS 1B
Hoffman, Trevor SD RHR Vesting, conditional option
Hunter, Torii MIN CF
Isringhausen, Jason STL RHS Club option
Izturis, Cesar CHC SS Club option
Jenkins, Geoff MIL OF Club option
Jennings, Jason HOU RHS
Jones, Andruw ATL OF
Jones, Todd DET RHR
Julio, Jorge ARI RHR
Kendall, Jason OAK C
Kennedy, Joseph OAK LHS
Kent, Jeff LAD 2B Vesting, conditional option
Kielty, Bobby OAK OF
Kim, Byung-Hyun COL RHS
Klesko, Ryan SF 1B
Koskie, Corey MIL 3B Vesting, conditional option
Lamb, Michael HOU 3B
LaRue, Jason KC C
Lawrence, Brian COL RHS Club option
Lieber, Jon PHI RHS
Lieberthal, Mike LAD C Club option
Linebrink, Scott SD RHR
Lo Duca, Paul NYM C
Lofton, Kenny TEX OF
Lohse, Kyle CIN RHR
Lopez, Javy COL C
Lopez, Rodrigo COL RHS
Loretta, Mark HOU 3B
Lowell, Mike BOS 3B
Mackowiak, Rob CHW 2B Club option
Maddux, Greg SD RHS Club option
Mahay, Ron TEX LHR
Martin, Tom COL LHR Mutual option
Martinez, Ramon LAD 2B Club option
McDonald, John TOR SS
Mesa, Jose DET RHR
Miceli, Dan TB RHS Club option
Mientkiewicz, Doug NYY 1B
Millar, Kevin BAL 1B Vesting option
Miller, Damian MIL C
Miller, Trever HOU LHS
Miller, Wade CHC RHS
Milton, Eric CIN LHS
Mirabelli, Doug BOS C
Moeller, Chad CIN C
Molina, Jose LAA C
Myers, Mike NYY LHR
Nathan, Joe MIN RHR Club option
Nixon, Trot CLE OF
Norton, Greg TB 3B Club option
Nunez, Abraham PHI SS Club option
Ohka, Tomo TOR RHS
Oliver, Darren LAA LHS Vesting option
Ortiz, Ramon MIN RHS
Ortiz, Russ SF RHS
Palmeiro, Orlando HOU OF
Park, Chan NYM RHS
Patterson, Corey BAL OF
Paul, Josh TB C
Perez, Neifi DET SS
Perez, Odalis KC LHS Club option
Pettitte, Andy NYY LHS Player option
Piazza, Mike OAK C
Pineiro, Joel BOS RHS Conditional, mutual option
Posada, Jorge NYY C Player option
Reitsma, Chris SEA RHS Club option
Rincon, Ricardo STL LHS
Riske, David KC RHR Club, conditional option
Rivera, Mariano NYY RHR
Rodriguez, Ivan DET C Club option
Rogers, Kenny DET LHS
Romero, J.C. BOS LHR
Rowand, Aaron PHI OF
Saenz, Olmedo LAD 3B
Sanders, Reggie KC OF
Schilling, Curt BOS RHS
Silva, Carlos MIN RHS
Smoltz, John ATL RHR
Springer, Russ STL RHS
Stewart, Shannon OAK OF
Strickland, Scott SD RHS
Sturtze, Tanyon ATL RHR
Suzuki, Ichiro SEA RF
Sweeney, Mark SF 1B
Sweeney, Mike KC DH
Tavarez, Julian BOS RHS Vesting, conditional option
Thomson, John TOR RHS
Timlin, Mike BOS RHS
Tomko, Brett LAD RHS Mutual option
Torrealba, Yorvit COL C
Uribe, Juan CHW SS Club option
Valentin, Javier CIN C Club, conditional option
Valentin, Jose NYM SS Vesting, conditional option
Vazquez, Javier CHW RHS
Vizcaino, Luis NYY RHS
Vizquel, Omar SF SS
Wakefield, Tim BOS RHS Club option
Walker, Todd SD 2B
Ward, Daryle CHC 1B Mutual option
Weaver, Jeff SEA RHS
Wells, David SD LHS
Wells, Kip STL RHS
Westbrook, Jake CLE RHS
White, Rondell MIN OF Vesting option
Wickman, Bob ATL RHR
Wilkerson, Brad TEX OF
Williamson, Scott BAL RHR
Wilson, Craig ATL OF
Wilson, Preston STL OF
Witasick, Jay OAK RHR Club option
Wolf, Randy LAD LHS Vesting, conditional option
Wood, Kerry CHC RHS
Woodward, Chris ATL SS
Wright, Jaret BAL RHS
Young, Michael TEX SS Club option
Zambrano, Carlos CHC RHS


Thanks for the info Cory.

Maybe I just missed it, but have you released your “list of 12” yet this year?

I know you like Haren this year, is an early 8th round pick a little too early for him?



Holy ****! This is great! i was going to do some research to find out who was in a FA year and realized it would be too much work and take me away from naptime. Saved again by Cory!

Happy late Birthday

How do I sort by country?

great job with the list…it is hard to find an extensive free agent list on the net….keep up the good work

Hey Tiger Heel, I posted the List of 12 over the winter, check back through the blog archives and you’ll find it. The short version is, I love Haren and Bedard this year but it seems everyone else does too so they won’t come cheap!


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