Surely when novelist Stewart Sterling invented the saying, “Once
burned, twice shy,” he didn’t have fantasy baseball managers in mind. Even so, the
old adage isn’t reserved solely for unlucky, heartbroken lovebirds. 

In fact, one might argue that fantasy managers, when deeply disappointed
by a player expected to carry their team, become even more resentful, bitter and
vindictive than those merely harmed by a romantic entanglement.

Past owners of Derrek Lee, Brad Lidge, Jhonny Peralta, Jeff
Kent, Brad Wilkerson, Marcus Giles, Adrian Beltre, Eric Chavez, J.D. Drew, Morgan
Ensberg, Coco Crisp, Nick Johnson, Jorge Cantu, Aubrey Huff, Jeremy Hermida,
Sean Casey, Cliff Floyd, Jason Lane, Jonny Gomes and Javy Lopez can all attest to the
miserable feeling. 

And that’s just the hitters!

I’ll leave Ted Lilly and the gang of arm spoilers to Cory. 

Friends of the fantasy community, fellow citizens; we must
learn to practice a wise word, a word best highlighted in the hook of Don Henley’s
1989 classic hit, “Heart of the Matter.”


And while Mr. Henley never explicitly dedicated the song to
fantasy managers, you certainly can’t rule out the song was ahead of its time.

Either way, consider finally forgiving the aforementioned hitters
who have left you teary eyed and you may end up with a bargain!

P.S. —  Apologies for the previous Pirates’ 40-homer flub. Glad to see people holding our feet to the fantasy fire.

– Alex Cushing

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Or, as Great White sang just before the whole thing went up in smoke (so to speak), “once bitten, twice shy”…

NFBC owners weren’t shy about Derrek Lee, who went 15th overall in today’s Chicago 4 draft!


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