Top Pitching Prospects for 2007

We received a request on Tuesday to break down who we thought would be the top pitchers to get called up in 2007 and make an impact Ala Hamels, Weaver, Billingsley etc.. did in 2006.

What I did was go to the fantasy home page at and look at the Top 100 Prospects. From the top 50 I took all the pitchers. Then on the show we announced the names as they were ranked on the fantasy page.

They are

  1. Homer Bailey
  2. Matt Garza
  3. Phil Hughes
  4. Mike Pelfrey
  5. Jason Hirsh
  6. Adam Miller
  7. Jonathan Sanchez
  8. Yovani Gallardo
  9. Scott Elbert
  10. Andrew Miller
  11. Tim Lincecum
  12. Jeff Niemann
  13. Edinson Volquez
  14. Phillip Humber
  15. Micah Owings
  16. Ubaldo Jimenez
  17. Luke Hochevar
  18. Kevin Slowey
  19. John Danks
  20. Gio Gonzalez
  21. Juan Salas
  22. Lance Broadway
  23. Humberto Sanchez

From there we eliminated guys who most likely or already have made the big league club. Guys like Garza, Pelfrey and Hirsh. That left us with 13 players and we then chose the top 5.

They are

  1. Bailey
  2. Hughes
  3. Adam Miller
  4. Yovani Gollardo
  5. Tim Lincecum

Of these 5 Bailey and Hughes are the top 2, but injuries or poor performance will dictate who gets up first so we are not ranking who gets their first as much as who will be the best when they get there.




Nice Job, I also am doing fanstasy also.


You guys do a great job. Can’t say enough about your show. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for fourteen years, but I’ve never been more excited about it than I have been this year. I owe a lot of that feeling to your show. You guys are very entertaining!

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to another entertaining season of Siano/Schwartz.


Dave in Nebraska

Lincecum = elite closer in 2009?

great list and commentary, as dave in Nebraska said this year i am more excited than ever for the season to start (and my first leage was a bill james classic mail league back in mid eighties), and i blame your podcast mostly for that. cant wait for more!

Is there really any chance of linecum being a closer? any idea where this rumor started?

Last I heard, Lincecum is exptected to start the season in the starting rotation for Triple-A Fresno. The expectation is he won’t be there very long in any case.

I really appreciate you guys putting this together in response to my call. Great list. Keep up the good work!

-Evan in Central Oregihn

Great list and show. Lincecum is the real deal, there is something really special about the kid. Hopefully, the Giants won’t rush him. The scouts love him. Cheers, Darryl (Capo, League #10,

Adam Miller, Jeremy sowers, Fausto Carmona….

Ow Ow Ow

GO Tribe

Bryan (BpG)

ann Arbor, MI

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