Mixed Auction Highlights and Lowlights

The mixed auction was somewhat a blur. I went into the draft with the intention of grabbing two top 15 outfielders and a top shortstop. 

I did neither.

My preference to get good value ended up trumping all else, as I shied away from the outfield inflation that seemed to rule the day -- Grady Sizemore went for $36 (went for $31 in AL-only), Soriano for $41. Instead, I decided to lay off and wait for some top second tier guys, like Adam Dunn for $10 and Alex Rios for $19. In retrospect, I probably should have gone the extra buck or two for Vladdy ($32) or Carlos Lee ($28), but hindsight is 20-20 (or perhaps worse in my case). I did end up finding good value in a strong bullpen, a strength I can deal from later if need be. In any event, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the squad, but I'll have to view other teams before fully forming my opinion.

Here's the club:

C       Piazza (12)
C       Zaun (2)
1B      Ad. LaRoche (4)
2B      Lugo(18)
SS      Renteria (12)
3B      Aramis  (24)
MI      O. Cabrera (9)
CI      A. Gordon (17)
OF      A. Rios (19)
OF      Dunn (10)
OF      M. Cameron (10)
OF      R. Baldelli (11)
OF      C. Hart (8)
UTIL    Hafner  29

P       B. Wagner (22)
P       Wickman 9
P       Fuentes 9
P       F. Cordero (13)
P       A. Burnett (8)
P       J. Vazquez (8)
P       D. Cabrera (2)
P       M. Prior (1)
P       Broxton (3)

B       Matt Garza      
B       K. Kouzmanoff   
B       D. Johnson      
B       S. McClung      
B       R. Soriano      
B       B. Wilkerson   

My outfield isn’t what I envisioned it to be, but wimping out of a bidding war for Vernon Wells (32) in favor of Alex Rios (19) is a decision I don’t regret. In all, I accomplished what I set out to do — not investing too much in one player but build an all-around five-category team — albeit with lesser known players.

A few other highlights and lowlights:

Buying Wagner for $22 didn’t exactly feel wonderful when Mariano went for $19 and Hoffman for $16. I tried adjusting to the deflated closer market by picking up Cordero and Fuentes at bargain values, though Wickman at $9 was a relative reach.

This may be the oldest middle infield in my history of fantasy – all over 30s players. Less upside here, but should keep the wheels a turnin.

Losing one’s temper is generally considered an amateur move, but sure enough, after going the distance on Alex Gordon — who’s worth every bit of hype – my fists began to clench when Ryan Zimmerman went for a ********** low $14.

I feel extremely comfortable about my underrated front two starters of Javy Vazquez, along with D. Cabrera at $2, and they’ll be tons of starters on the wire. Still, it couldn’t have hurt to play it a little more aggressively with Kei Igawa ($3) and other late-round hurlers.

Sheesh, I need a deep breath and some Tums.

Of course, find me an owner that feels exhilarated after draft day and I’ll find you a fifth-place team.


Kid, don’t be so hard on yourself, I personally like this team a lot. Plenty of speed, which is always at a premium in Tout, and the bargain Dunn at $10 ensures you won’t come up short on power. The SP needs some work but, as you said, you have a deep ‘pen and SP is the easiest area to address on the waiver wire in a mixed league. Nice work!

While your OF might not have the name recognition you might want it to have, you have Dunn plus four 15-15 guys with 20-20 upside. Add in Alex Gordon and Lugo, and you have at least 90 steals without overspending on a guy like Pierre. With Dunn, Hafner, and Aram holding down the power front, your offense is looking solid, and the extra closer should be able to net your something in the SP market.

How did the bidding for Snell play out?

Man you are hurting at outfeild. I do not share the love affair with Alex Rios that some do. It is balanced out by the value picks of Aram, Dunn, and Laroche for that cheap was a great bargain. Javier Vasquez in my opinion in waiver wire material. You are banking on mostly upside guys though, I like to see the one stud.

I like the potential young arms on the bench.

and Grady Sizemore is worth the hype too.


Tout Haiku

Prior for a buck

Dunn’s big bat get a ten spot

Kid spends five on Tums

-Eric in Cincy

Losing one’s temper is usually considered an amateur move? What are you supposed to be, a robot? If you don’t care enough about the game to lose your temper a few times during a draft, you shouldn’t be playing anyway.

Unless you are playing in a league with religious leaders, political correctness pundits, or feminist nazis, go ahead and cuss a little and pound the table once in a while. Holding the frustration in could be detrimental to the rest of your draft/auction. Get it out so you can move past it and focus on the next player.

Greg in Cincy

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