Happy opening day!!

Forget Adam Dunn, forget Dustin Hermanson, forget chasing saves, pitch-or-ditch and all that… I’m just glad it’s baseball season. We had all four TV’s fired up here in the stats command center yesterday, plus Gameday and Mosaic… between Hanley and M-Cab, Sheets and King Felix, Grady and Pronk, Dunn (yes, him!) and Renteria, it was a great day to be a baseball fan.

BTW, who had Chad Paronto in the "first save of the year" pool? Yeah, chasing saves is fun!🙂


Yanks win and Sox lose
Opening day, none better

I love this game boys

At least for one day

Everyone is in first place

The last day for some

A new beginning

Grady and Kinsler homered

Ramirez swipes two

Dawn of a new year

Here’s to my good friend baseball

Have a great season

The Sox lost, the Yanks won, and the Rox lost. That’s about the worst it could go.

BTW- should I keep Brian Fuentes on my fantasy team?



I hate to disagree with your belief that Lidge’s troubles started with Pujols in the NLCS. He actually started blowing the second half of that season. Lidge should be in Triple A, if not released. This should have happened last year, but Garner is too hard-headed and wants to stick by “his man.” My problems with Garner should be for another day, but you’re right, Everett batting 2nd is retarded.

**** freezing over?
Bonds hits, steals first at bat

All facing Peavy

Bryan in Detroit


First of all let me just say one thing before I get to how Chasing Saves Mania is still alive. Bryan in Det. 5-7-5 dog. This is the second time. Now to CSM, I am in an MLB radio fans league and Chad Paranto got picked up today. The fact that Soriano, Gonzalez and Wickman pitched earlier in the game and that the save was recorded in extras goes to show that Paranto is probably not going to get alot of save ops. The guy dropped Cantu for him and while Cantu is in the minors he has more value than the Braves 4th reliever who will have to have 3 injuries or meltdowns in front of him. Here we go, pay attention Bry.

Pick up Paranto

Thanks for handing me the league

Do not chase his saves

Mike in CT

Opening Day:

Bedard, Halladay,

Carpenter and Wickman too.

One win! And guess who?

Pitchers must wash hands
Kenny and K Rod did not

Are you sure that’s tar?

Put snot on the ball?
Rick Vaughn would never do that

Give him the heater

Schwartz and Siano

Fantasy 411 rocks

Weekdays 12 to 1

Mike in CT

Just a quick question I thought I’d ask since I value everyone’s opinion. I got offered Figgins for Harang and Josh Fields. I was going to drop Fields anyway so basically its Figgins for Harang. I would use Figgins at 3rd or corner eventually, or trade my outfield depth. I need speed so he would be a great addition. I would DL him for the time being. To replace Harang I would pick up Duke, Gorzelanny Meche or Francis to go along with Haren, Capuano, Halladay and Snell. Am I compromising my team too much?


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