Hey Guys,

     Love the show.  Real quick:

Twelve team, 6×6 (extras are OPS and Holds) keeper league, 28 man
roster, 10 offensive starting slots.  My team is well balanced, maybe
below par on batting average.  Someone dropped Rickie Weeks in frustration
and I am thinking of using a waiver on him.  I don’t know who, if any, to
drop of these three: Barfield, Kinsler or J. Julio.  I also have Nathan,
Ray and Riske (w/ Dotel in a DL slot) as closers.  Keep up the good work!


TJ in NY


I don’t think you really need Weeks with Barfield and Kinsler, but with that being said in a 12 team league with that large a roster it couldn’t hurt to have him on your team. He will be valuable as something this year, whether one of your top 2 gets hurt, or you trade 1 of the three. I would not drop Kinsler or Barfield. The guy I would say to drop would be Julio right now. He has been awful and with the good young arms in their bullpen he could be back in a set up role sooner than later. Other than him, I would say Riske without seeing the rest of your roster. Good luck this season.

By the way, this has nothing to do with this question, but am I a fantasy junkie when I finalize a trade and make a free agent pickup before I’ll take my wife to give birth last night? Just a question. She’s a little girl, a Yankee fan and the Yanks won on her birthday.

Mike in CT

I need some help on a trade that is pending in my league right now, and would love to hear others opinions on the deal.

Team A sends Miguel Cabrera


Team B for Prince Fielder and JD Drew.

I am the commisioner and want to know if others with an unbias opinion think about this deal?

Hey TJ, time heals all wounds and answers all questions… of course you should pick up Weeks because he’s too talented to NOT pick up, and having him gives you great MI depth to deal from. And we now know that both Julio and Riske can be cut without little impact… hope it’s not too late!

Dylan, I think that trade is reasonable. I don’t think anyone wouldn’t rather have Cabrera then those two players, but Fielder and Drew are both very valuable and should put up very solid numbers. It’s a great win for the guy getting Cabrera, but nothing worth a veto.


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