Contemplating Cabrera

Hey Guys:


Long time, first
time podcast listener.  Have a trade offer that I was hoping to get your
advice on.  Standard 12-team, 5×5 roto.  29 man rosters.


I would get:


Eric Byrnes

Akinori Iwamura

Scot Shields

BJ Upton



I would send off:


Pat Burrell

Adam Loewen

Daniel Cabrera

Manny Corpas



My other pitchers








Francisco Cordero

Trevor Hoffman

Dan Wheeler



Should I pull the
string on this deal?  Thanks for the help.



Jon In




If you need steals, pull the trigger.


B.J. Upton, who’ll soon qualify at second base, figures to swipe
gobs of bases and has the potential to become a top-15 middle infielder by the
season’s end.


And while first-week sensations Akinori Iwamura and Eric Byrnes won’t
keep up this pace, they’re upstanding contributors, both of whom will also have
their share of baserunning opportunities.


If you don’t need speed, however, then giving up on the promising Daniel
Cabrera, who finally appears to be turning the corner, might be something you’ll
come to regret later on.

— Alex Cushing


I would do this deal if you need the speed as well. Just looking at it from the perspective of who is replacing whom is interesting. Burrell is replaced by Byrnes which lowers the power numbers, but not by a lot and increases your speed. Corpas is replaced by Shields which is a definite upgrade. You are trading Loewen and Cabrera for Upton and Iwamura then. With the depth of your starting pitching and if you need the steals you could do the deal. Upton couldbe elligible already at 2B and is already at 3B, as is Iwamura at 3B. Who is your current 3B. We know your pitchers so we know who is replacing Loewen and Cabrera, but if you add Iwamura and Upton who goes to the bench? Just as important as who you are getting is who do they replace. If you have A Rod at 3rd, Konerko at 1st and Helton as your CI then one or more would have to sit to make room for Upton or Iwamura at 3B or CI. If you are weak in that area or 2B or MI then make the trade. I think it’s a very fair deal, but look at it in the larger context of your whole roster. I agree with Alex on Cabrera too. Last year was supposed to be a breakout year and it could come one year too late for those who took him as a sleeper SP last year and got burned a little. That inconsistency is still fresh in people’s minds, but his first 2 starts have been impressive.


Stolen bases are a funny thing. I guess it depends on if you are an Upton believer.

I think you may be able to get a more proven guy for Danial Cabrera, especialy if he continues to show good control. I’d explore the options before pulling the trigger on this deal.

I think this is a good trade, I would pull the trigger. I also have a trade that is pending in my league right now, and would love to hear others opinions on the deal.

Team A sends Miguel Cabrera


Team B for Prince Fielder and JD Drew.

I am the commisioner and want to know if others with an unbias opinion think about this deal?

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