Hey guys,
Who has the better upside for this season?
Adam Laroche or Adrian Gonzalez or Helton


Greinke or Loewen


Calvin in Queens,

Despite growing a fearsome beard this past offseason, Helton probably isn’t in the same category as the younger Gonzalez or the slumping LaRoche. The latter two could wind up with 10-20 more homers than the Rockies first baseman. I’d give the edge to Gonzalez, who’ll likely hit for a higher batting average than LaRoche.

As for the Greinke/Loewen comparison, there is none. Over two starts, Greinke held the mighty Red Sox and Blue Jays to two earned runs over a combined 13 innings. He’s clearly the better option.

— Alex Cushing


They’re all comparable in value, especially since a healthy Helton in Coors could bounce back with a monster year and hit for an extremely high average. I like LaRoche’s power upside but doubt he’ll ever be more than a .275 hitter, and even with 35 HR, that lineup could limit his RBI chances. It’s a tossup between Gonzalez (off to a hot start after a great ’06) and Helton… if the Kid says Gonzalez, I’ll go along.🙂


Corey when are you going to post the Dusty Baker and Ted Lilly shows? On Monday, you said that they would be up later that day.

I also won’t disagree with the “Kid” but I like what I’ve seen out of Helton so far this year, he has put on some weight and looks bigger than in the past. I don’t know if that weight is from gettin older and inherting the extra poundage from age or if he has put on some considerable muscle weight which could possibly increase his power numbers. If he has any sort of a bounce back year with that good rockies lineup I like him as the best option out of these three. If I had to pick though, I would go with the safer bet and select Gonzalez!

Dylan from Oregon

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