What to do about Julio

Is it too soon to dump Jorge Julio or do i hold onto him for the rest of the week?

possible pick up options would include his probable replacement Owens, Lidge who could make a return (thoughts?), or another starter in Kevin Millwood, Jeremy Sowers, Jake Westbrook, Jamie Moyer, or Clay Hensley

— Tim


What to do with Julio has become the hot topic of conversation. If only we could get him on Imus — surely we’d have the weekly news covered.

I digress.

Whether the cause happens to be mechanical, psychological or injury-related, something is clearly wrong with Julio. A few days ago here, I advised another anxious owner not to drop him, but reserve him instead, highlighting his 2006 strikeout rate as reason to remain hopeful. Problem is, he’s yet to strike out one batter, and even worse, has four walks in 2 2/3 innings. With his control out of whack, Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez on April 11 didn’t rule out the possibility of removing Julio from the closer role. I’d translate that as, “You’ve got one more chance, Julio.”

“Dump” is a strong word, one that’s generally associated with high school breakups. Before acting on your emotions, make sure he’s completely lost the job before you decide to start seeing someone else. With Florida’s bullpen fluid and unpredictable, I still wouldn’t drop Julio in a standard 12-team mixed league.

That said, if there’s another player you were thinking of releasing, Owens makes for the strongest pickup at this point.

— Alex Cushing

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How quickly we learn things, huh? Julio is already out as the Marlins closer, with Owens his likely replacement. Like the Kid, I’d go for that.


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