Dotel’s Delay

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the help…I listen everyday. Here’s my pitching staff with Octavio Dotel on the DL as well. When he comes off of the DL I’ll have to drop one of these guys please let me know what you think.

Greinke, Zack (KAN)
Hernandez, Felix (SEA)
Hill, Rich (CHI)
James, Chuck (ATL)
Olsen, Scott (FLA)
Rodriguez, Francisco (LAA)
Weathers, David (CIN)
Webb, Brandon (ARI)
Octavio Dotel (KC) RP
Kazmir, Scott (TAM)
Snell, Ian (PIT)



Sorry to say, but the disabled Octavio Dotel (oblique) suffered a setback recently, and Royals manager Buddy Bell hardly sounded optimistic about him returning anytime soon. In the meantime, Joakim Soria is expected to close until the Royals are done running tests on Dotel and have a better idea about his new rehab timetable.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that Dotel doesn’t return until May. That gives you a fair amount of time to assess your current pitching staff, which is quite deep. By then, perhaps David Weathers will again defy the odds and remain the Reds closer, though I doubt it, and hopefully Scott Olsen will have overcome his most recent bout with wildness.

Sit tight.

— Alex Cushing

1 Comment

I’d start shopping a pair of these starters on the trade market to fill another need. I don’t know what your offense looks like or how many teams are in your league, but this is one stacked rotation. Felix, Webb and Kazmir are as solid a front three as you’re going to find. If it were me, I’d put Kazmir and Greinke together to buy an outfielder with some pop, or a middle infielder with some speed.

Mike in Rochester

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