Going Greene

Hey guys
16 team league

Should I wait around Troy Tulowitzk or drop him & pick up one of these:

Juan Uribe
David Eckstein
Khalil Greene
Yuniesky Betancourt



The seventh overall pick from 2005, Troy Tulowitzski probably has the best upside of all these shortstops. That said, his slump over the first two weeks has opened the door for teammate Jamey Carroll to eat into his playing time. If it’s not a keeper league, then releasing him for a comparable player like Khalil Greene wouldn’t be a bad idea. Greene’s got a fair share of upside himself, experience and a 2007 slugging percentage above .500. He’s also not too shabby defensively.

Uribe is the least appealing option, especially with OBP as a category, while Betancourt and Eckstein have lower upside than Greene or Tulowitzki.

Drop Tulowitzki and go Greene.

1 Comment

I agree, go with Greene, I believe he has the best production this season, while tulowitzki could eventualy turn into the best option here he still has time to come into his own. I would go in this order Greene, uribe, betancourt, tulowitzki, and then eckstein. I love the lil’ man from the cards though, one of my favorite players to watch, he has the heart and passion that keeps me loving baseball!

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