Kickin’ Dirt on Dusty!

Sorry I haven’t done this sooner, but here’s how to find the archive of one of my two all-time favorite 411 shows: the Dusty Baker bash on April 26, 2005! Visit the archive for April, 2005, the scroll down and click the link for "The Fantasy 411 for April 26, 2005". The whole show was a rip on Dusty so there’s no need to fast-forward any, just let it roll!

DustyPlus, some Dusty haiku for ya:

Prior’s shoulder hurts

Dusty’s legacy lives on
Cruel fragger of arms

I’m still looking for the metaphorical Ted Lilly-as-ex-girlfriend show, and I’ll post that link when I find the show.

In the meantime, though, check out the new Alyssa Milano blog and try to not get too carried away with yourselves!

Finally, the season is only two weeks old so it’s time for the first
"hitters hit" watch list. In short, don’t worry about whatever these
guys are hitting right now, the numbers will be there at the end of the

C – A.J. Pierzynski (entering his decline phase but still a decent #1 in 12-to-15 team leagues)
1B – Adam LaRoche (not a great player, but he’ll approach last season’s numbers again)
2B – Brian Roberts (I think I’m on record already with this one :-))
3B – Adrian Beltre (he’ll never do 2004 again, but he’s a solid bet for .270/22/80/8 or better)
SS – Michael Young (I’ve always thought he was a little overrated, but he’ll hit, oh, he’ll hit)
OF – Ichiro Suzuki (career lows are .303, 8 HR, 49 RBI, 33 SB and 101 runs)
OF – Gary Sheffield (getting old, but the strong plate discipline will help him get on track)
OF – Lance Berkman (I’m no believer in this odd/even year stuff, this guy is just a great hitter)
DH – Travis Hafner (the question isn’t even "when?", it’s "how sick will it be?")

(Also, be patient with youngsters like Alex Gordon, Chris Young, Kevin Kouzmanoff and Chris Iannetta… Sammy Sosa, notsomuch!)

Next time, along with the Ted Lilly link, I’ll try to blog up a list of guys who are off to slow starts that would already have me worried… hope your guys are not on that list!




In stead of Johnny Archive, Maybe we should rename him Johnny MIA?

Is the player not working for anyone else? It wasn’t working a few days ago when I tried to watch the show. Is there any way a podcast of the show can be made and or posted?

I love the rant on Dusty. I could tell that you were fired up and if you could have seen Dusty in person you would have done more than kick dirt on him. I laughed my *** off about 43 minutes in when the real offensive rant begins.

My favorite line is “Dusty Baker giving away outs like candy, like we give away souvenier baseballs.”

Vinny almost couldn’t respond to you Cory.

Keep up the great work.

Mike in CT

I’m nervous about keeping Chris Young. He’s already in a four man logjam, and if Quentin returns this week, couldn’t you seem him losing a ton of ABs?

If you had to keep either CB Young or Rocco Baldelli on your roster (with OBP/SLG instead of AVG/HR), who would you keep?

Cory –

I have not been able to find the DTM (T. Lilly) rant but narrowing it down a bit…on the 5/26/05 podcast you were high on him.

By the 9/23/05 podcast you swore to never pick him again, but no rant specifically.

So I am quessing the rant came before 9/23 broadcast. Still looking, maybe Johnny Archive will return to pin point it exactly.

-BDH in DC

Cory –

Believe I found it….6/15/05 podcast…ex-girlfriend = Ted Lilly metaphor.

– BDH in DC

Classic stuff . Nothing like a 60minute rant it also featured a bonus of the debut of hall of famer going postal. Best part
Vinny:”David Wells left the game hurt last night . Did you see what happened to Wells?”

Corey:”NO but I saw what happened to Chad Fox”

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