Chucky and I are so over!

Tremendous job by Big Dawgs Hunt in DC stepping in for the AWOL Johnny Archives and coming up with the date of the infamous Ted Lilly-and-I-are-through show. Check out the archive for June, 2005, scroll down and click the link for "The Fantasy 411 for June 15, 2005", then fast-forward (if you like) to about the 10:36 mark where the magic begins…Lilly2

The irony is that I opted for Jason Marquis in that pitch -or- ditch segment, and against Lilly, and guess how it turned out? Yeah, that’s right, Lilly threw a gem while Marquis muddled through five lousy innings as the Blue Jays beat the Cardinals,  5-2.

Of course, I did get the last laugh on my two-timing ex, because even though Marquis was nothing special in ’05, Lilly had probably his worst season. Sure Lilly was far superior with the strikeout rate, but Marquis topped him in every other fantasy category… take that, Chucky!

Anyway, we’ve seen these seductive stretches from Chucky before, so let’s see if that shiny 2.37 ERA holds up along with that 0.48 ground out to fly out ratio… a few more of those are gonna leave the yard as the weather heats up and I won’t feel too bad about it.🙂

Coming up soon, my all "hitters hit, but I’d be worried about these guys" team for April…



I was so close to finding it! All those countless hours wasted! I’m going to go cry in my cory kool aid over in the corner….

Ahhhh…GP, stiff upper lip and all…am sure you came across other classic moments in your search.

Like the famous email from Cory’s Mom (aka YankeeTurd) on 7/20/05 (19:44 mark).

P.S. That show is also a classic Ted Lilly show from the 16:36 to 17:10 mark)…believe this was Cory’s last official use reference and final proclamation that TL = DTM for ever!

– BDH in DC


No real place to discuss this on here, I’ll try to contact the show later. Yesterday you were discussing the lineup restriction times because of the early game yesterday and how the change in game time should have allowed for changing the lineups. I am in a couple of CBS leagues and lineups are due weekly a half hour before the 1st game of the day. When the game time changed yesterday the lineup lock time changed from 9:35 to 11:35. If they could do that then other sites had time to do it as well. I’m still a little pissed that Glaus went on the DL after the first game yesterday and my lineup is locked for the week so I wish there was no game yesterday early. Oh well, it happens. Keep up the great work on the show.


Stats from 6/15/05

Marquis 5 0 0 9.00 2.20

Lilly 7 6 1 0.00 1.00

Funny stuff.

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