Over on Andruw

hey guys a couple of over/unders for the season. Willy taveras 100r 45sb . Todd Helton 28hr 100rbi. Vladdy 40hr 140rbi . Anduw Jones 35hr 100rbi . Brad lidge 10 saves .

Thanks Ronan in Ireland


Under on Taveras – Doesn’t yet possess on-base skills to score 100 runs.
Under on Helton – Humidor and age says return to 30 homers unlikely.
Under on Vladdy – He’s never driven in more than 131 runs, let alone 140.
Over on Andruw – He started slow in 2005 and still cranked 51 homers.
Over on Lidge – This is the least predictable one, but I’m putting money on Astros manager Phil Garner changing his mind again.

— Alex Cushing


Alex –

1) What about Vlad @ 35HR 120rbi?

2) Helton @ 20hr 100rbi?

– BDH in DC

Alex –

One other one:

Over under on Conner Jackson and 25hrs.

I agree with the Cushing on this one.

Vlad – Under 35 120 (in decline)

Helton – Under 20 100 (see Vlad)

Conor Jackson – Under, more likely to hit .300 at this point, but may develop 25hr power in the next few years

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