The Johan vs. Kazmir dilemma

ok im new to FLB…what is protocol for pitching 2 guys you have against each other? I have both Kazmir & Santana and Im doing pretty well in Ks but my wins, ERA, and WHIP are terrible…what do I do??

Ken , East Lansing


Generally, it’s best to avoid throwing two of your starters against one another. That said, you shouldn’t necessarily lose sleep trying to keep it from happening, either.

Johan Santana is the top pitcher in baseball. Barring injury or overexposure to the sun, he should not be benched. Scott Kazmir, in his own right, has quickly developed into a top 20 starter, one who also rarely deserves to ride the pine, even against Johan.

At best, it’ll be a pitching duel. At worst, one or both get bombed — an unlikely scenario.

Either way, the only potential drawback is that you can’t receive two wins. And since you’re still able to benefit from ERA, WHIP and Ks, that’s hardly a reason not to start someone.

Beyond the same-team dilemma, there’s a larger point here at play here: when deciding who or who not to start, the opposing offense is of greater importance than the opposing pitcher.

— Alex Cushing

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Thanks for keeping up on the email of the day!

But… I have to disagree with the kid. The correct protocol is to put the best guys in your lineup in most leagues, unless wins are somehow much more valuable. Take the good K’s, ERA, and WHIP and put them in the bank. You may need them later.

I didn’t say it very well, but start them both.

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