Don’t sell your saves short

The team that has BJ Ryan is looking for another closer. I have either Dan Wheeler or Brian Fuentes that I’m willing to part with.I could use a bit more pop in my OF.
He has Luis Gonzalez, Eric Byrnes, Gary Matthews Jr. and Shawn Green that he’s willing to part with.
Any of the guys fair value?

 Kevin

Are those the best quality outfielders he has to offer?

If it’s power you’re seeking with closers to deal, you can do better than this. Gonzalez, Matthews and Green are no better than fourth or fifth outfielders, while Byrnes is more of a No. 3 guy.

Saves are scarce. Having a surplus of them allows you to command a host of strong offers, which you don’t quite have the makings of here.

I’d try packaging Fuentes and another outfielder for a slow starter along the lines of Andruw Jones, Jermaine Dye or Torii Hunter. If that doesn’t work, do the same with Dan Wheeler, aiming for the ice-cold Gary Sheffield or Nick Swisher. Set the bar high and let the market come to you, especially when the trading partner is coming off the disappointing loss of B.J. Ryan — a situation in which they’re more likely to overpay. After all, there’s only so many closers to go around.

— Alex Cushing

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