No playing time, no glory

Quick question:
18 team 5×5

I’ve got Nelson Cruz, Kenny Lofton, Matt Murton, and Joe Borchard as my bench/utility guys with Hermida on the DL. I’m having a hard time deciding which guys I should start when they are all playing. Can you rank them 1-5?

And I love TSSCBOT commercials. Not that I’m gutsy enough to go to the south side with my Sabathia jersey and my Cubs hat, but the commercials crack me up.
Nate in Logan Square, Chicago


I’m not even sure if the intimidating C.C. Sabathia, himself, would be gutsy enough to venture into southside in uniform …

As for your outfielders, here’s my breakdown:

1) Kenny Lofton – Wheels keep on turning, secure playing time means something.
2) Jeremy Hermida – Whenever he’s healthy, of course.
3) Nelson Cruz – Showed good pop in the Minors, so be patient.
4) Joe Borchard: You’ll need Tums to stomach his AVG, but with Hermida out, at-bats are there.
5) Matt Murton – Outside of Hermida, has the best upside here. Problem is, Cliff Floyd is stealing his shine.

— Alex Cushing


I have to disagree on the Murton rating. Even before Soriano went out, Murton was going to get his at bats. Once Dusty started playing him regularly last year, he put up pretty good numbers. He should do it again this year. I would put him ahead of Cruz and Borchard.

Sorry, I should have done it as a haiku

Murton, not the five

Borchard, starter by default

And which Cruz again?

how do we make a post on here?


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