Could this finally be the breakout season for David DeJesus? DeJesus hit his third homer of the year last night, and throughout his career has posted a fairly low strikeout per at bat rate. (70 K’s in 491 Abs last year and 8 K’s in 58 Abs this season).
Al Reyes picked up his fifth save for the Devil Rays, and it appears he can be fairly successful in the closer role. But my major concern with Reyes is his potential to wear down mid-season. He missed all of last year due to injury, and before throwing over 60 innings for the Cardinals in 2005, Reyes pitched a combined 46 innings from 2002 through 2004.


Kip Wells is a real good play at San Francisco. The Giants have no one in their lineup outside of Bonds who is remotely dangerous, and Wells has allowed just five runs in his first three starts. Wells is starting to look like the latest of Dave Duncan’s successful reclamation projects.

Don’t give up on Zach Duke just yet! I know he’s coming off a two inning seven run disaster outing, but he previously posted two straight quality starts. Run him out there tomorrow vs the Brewers. Duke holds a 3-1 career record against Milwaukee, with a 3.63 ERA.

— Zach The Intern


Hey guys, love the show, long time listener.

I’ve got a small pitching dilemma, Lincecum and Clemons(!) are both sitting on the free agent wire, i’m thinking of dropping Sweaty Freddy Garcia and/or Jose Conteras to pick either one up, what do you think?

Hey guys love the show.

I think Zach the Intern needs intro music or a drum roll or something, and should be a consistant segment to go along with pitch or ditch.

benfraley, I would, if i had to, drop Contreras to grab one of these guys, depending on your league set up (keeper?). Clemens could give you high short term value while Lincecum could pay off long term. Being a long time listener of the 411 i would assume both Corey and Mike would agree. Why not fine another player to drop (5th outfielder/extra catcher) and grab them both up? I did that exact thing for Clemens and Bailey in my league.

thanks cpowell, did just that… dropped contreras, picked up lincecum… not 100% sure if clemons will come back, whereas lincecum will be up soon looks pretty dominated from what i’m hearing (triple digits fastball, good secondary pitches, etc).. would love to get clemons as well but i don’t have room for him

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