Maximizing Value

JK in Santa BarbaraListen to you guys everyday and need your advice.
12 Team, 5X5, Im in last place, Please Help, Thanks

I Trade: Utley, Figgins, Hawpe & Kip Wells I Receive: Aaron Hill, Jason Bay, Ichiro & Kazmir

Also Quentin is available on wire – ?
My Roster:
Mauer – C
Derrek Lee – 1B
Bill Hall – 3B
Tejada – SS
Ordonez – OF
Markakis – OF
Chris Duncan – 1B/OF BN
Mike Jacobs – 1B BN
Podsednik – OF BN
Rich Hill – SP
Zito – SP
Valverde – RP
Gagne – RP
Shields – P
Otsuka – P
Frasor – P
Byrd – P BN
Wang – P DL


Without question, pull the trigger buddy. You’re receiving three excellent, proven talents (Ichiro, Bay, Kazmir) while dishing two guys with potential (K. Wells, Hawpe). Letting go of Utley is tough, but Aaron Hill has a legitimate 90-.285-15-70-10 season in him, and the other guys you’re getting back more than make up for the difference in production. In all, excellent job at maximizing value.

Also, by all means , drop either Paul Byrd or Mike Jacobs for Carlos Quentin.

Alex Cushing


I agree go for it. I’d keep an eye on the waiver wire for 2B though. I think if you can keep Bay and Ichiro in your lineup everyday that’s an upgrde + Kazmir over Wells is alot better in my eyes. I’d try to trade Markakis Podsednik and Valverde for an upgrade at 2b. Paul Byrd? Is he your brother? If not drop him asap. In a 12 team league if I were you I’d drop Byrd and Joacobs and go find the best 2 starting pitchers you can for now.

Wow, I’m in a 15-team mixed league, and P. Byrd’s not even picked up in that…

I’d definitely designate that as your Pitch/Ditch slot, or, if you can’t do that, then wait it out. I have a simple rule: I never trade quantity for quality. But, in this case your getting three studs and a useable player for two studs and two useable players.

Your SP looks weak, I’d try to package some of that OF to get a real anchor SP.

I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I have what I think is a great team, and guess how many HR’s I have?


That’s right, J. Mauer, D. Lee, B. Roberts, J. Reyes, C. Tracy, N. Swisher, M. Teahan, P. Burrell, and P. Fielder have combined to hit four homeruns in my active lineup. April ***** in so many ways…

And, what ***** even more is I missed a Teahen HR because he wasn’t OF eligible. Wow.

i just traded frank thomas for flash gordon my only other closer is wheeler i also have soria and tankersly but im replacing thomas with baldelli feedback?

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