New Feature on Protrade and Zach the Intern

If you missed today’s show Jeffrey Ma of was on and after lambasting Cory for being wholier then now with his trade vetoes he got time to plug the new feature on protrade where you can now start trading teams.

A-Rod just hit a walk off bomb off Borowski so I’ll take the Yankees even though it’s Rasner , Karstens and Wright instead of Moose , Wang and Pavano.

It was a busy day today with the Myers, Howard, Felix and Kendrick news and not to mention Mark Buerhle’s big night so I haven’t been getting to Zach the interns facts that he looks up for us, Cushing will have them later, just wanted to give Zach a shout out for the hard work and predicting Chacin would handle the Red Sox the other night.


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Mike, Did you see A-Rod taunt Joe Borowski? That bat flip? The screaming? He should act like he’s been there before. Who is he Scutaro?
Bob in Oregon

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