Keep Your Cool

Hey guys – Keep, Trade or Drop these guys? 5×5, 12 Team, Mixed
Akinori Iwamura
Chris B. Young
Mark Teahen

Also – These guys are on the WW. I could use some steals, but really just want the best player. What do you think?

Mike Cameron
Dave Roberts
Gary Matthews Jr
Aaron Rowand
Kenny Lofton
Shane Victorino


JR from Drexel


Iwamura was placed on the disabled list Tuesday, so you can easily slide him into your DL slot, freeing your from the decision of who to drop. Once he returns and produces his first big game, by all means, shop his inflated batting average.

It’s way too early to trade high-upside power/speed guys like Chris Young and Mark Teahen. Dishing, or even worse, dropping these types are the sorts of short-term, emotional choices managers regret down the line. Young’s struggles are largely due to his early-season groin injury, while Teahen’s sluggish offense has more to do with the demands of changing positions. It’s a long season, so don’t overreact to slow starts, especially when it comes to athletic, patient hitters who have shown the ability to mash and slash in the Minors. Stop staring at their current stats, have a drink and stay cool.

With respect to your pickup choices, I’d go with Shane Victorino. Batting second in the Phils’ lineup, ahead of Chase Utley, he sees lots of juicy pitches, along with plenty of running opportunities. Also, his six doubles says the homers will come, especially in Philly’s bandbox.

— Alex Cushing


I would seriously consider pickup up Gary Matthews Jr. if you are looking for steals as he already has 6 this year. I wouldn’t expect to see the 19 HRs again but he should get you 10 HR and over 30 steals.

What kind of league are you in that all of these guys are available?? All too good to be FA’s in a vanilla 12-team league, but here’s how I’d rank ’em for “best available”:

Aaron Rowand

Gary Matthews Jr

Shane Victorino

Kenny Lofton

Dave Roberts

Mike Cameron

I’m starting to develop some serious concerns about Cameron, he’s admitting to problems with his eyesight and his K/BB ratio is very bad, worse than ever almost. I’ve dropped him in 2 of the 3 leagues where I have him… I may regret that but I can only go on what I see, and both the stats and the observations paint a worrisome picture.


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