8 team NL-Only, 5×5 the one w/ 6 OF. Do I stay patient w/ Corey Hart and hope that he actually gets his “starting job” soon or do I cut bait and go w/ Jose Bautista, Jack Wilson, Alex Gonzalez, Hunter Pence or Cody Ross – and do I drop Rauch for Moyer, Beslisle or Bergman? – need Ks and Rauch is not doing it this year as of yet.
-Nate in springfield, IL


Corey Hart(breaker) simply isn’t getting the playing time he deserves. It’s truly an unfortunate set of circumstances, too, as the Brewers’ winning ways make it even less likely that manager Ned Yost will suddenly settle his current outfield shuffle. While Hart certainly has the chops to earn his way into a full-time role, it’s anyone’s guess when, especially with Geoff Jenkins defying father time.

Since your league is NL-only, a much smaller player pool, I’d do my best to drop someone other than Hart. That said, I’d drop Hart for Hunter Pence at the end of the day. Rarely do five-category players like Pence come along during the year and, while Hart remains the victim of Northern Exposure, Pence waltzes into Houston with a welcome mat and a glowing sign that says “Be our center fielder.”

— Alex Cushing, MLB.com

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I’ve been cutting Cory Hart in most of my leagues too. He’s just not playing enough.

Pence, Ross, Rowand are all guys I’ve added in lieu of Hart.

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