Working the Phones

2 Trade offers to get my team set, I need more HR, RBI power in my lineup. I think I am getting my power that I want.

12 team mixed 7×7 keeper league,  it position based, so all my OF’s have to LF, RF or CF.  My current lineup is Barrett-C, Chris Duncan-1st (RF, LF), Kinsler-2nd, Reyes-SS, Gordon-3B (Teahan to back him up a 3B), Burrell-LF, A. Jones-CF, Teahan-RF (3B) and Thome at UTIL and I have Derosa (2nd, RF), Sexson and


on the bench.  SP-Zambrano, Smoltz, Zito, Lilly and Loshe with


on the DL and my relievers are Paplebon, Fuentes Dempster, Otsuka and MacDougal, we have Holds as a category.




Barry Zito

Ian Snell
Rafeal Furcal

Then I will Trade
Rafeal Furcal
Andruw Jones

Bill Hall 

n      Michael


I think you’re working the phones a little too much here.

You’re essentially you’re trading


, Andruw, Otsuka and Zito for Bill Hall, Manny and Snell — not something to get excited over. Selling low on Andruw Jones in his contract year isn’t a great idea — especially in a league that rewards talented center fielders. Hall won’t replace him. And you don’t exactly receive an inordinate amount of pop.



’s wrists don’t snap like they used to. He’s a not a sub-.200 hitter, though. As far as hitters go, it’s Sheff and Jones for Manny and Hall.

Eh. You can do better.

— Alex Cushing,

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Since we are on the subject of trades I was wondering what people thought of the 4 I have made since March in a keeper league.

Traded Teixeira for Sizemore

Traded Chad Cordero and Uggla for Kinsler, which allowed me to also keep Glaus

Traded Harang and Josh Fields for Figgins and picked up Billy Butler (Needed Speed)

Traded Butler and Sizemore for D. Wright, Barrett (replacing Napoli) and Burnett (replacing Meche)

Whaddya Think?

Mike in CT

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