April 2007

Riske Business


As tempting as it might be to release Julio, don’t jump ship
just yet. The Marlins are committed to him as their closer. I know; he seems to
have come down with another case of “Armando Benititis,” a condition of
unpredictable implosion, but wait it out. While his downward slide could
continue, his age (28) and 2006 strikeout rate (12 Ks per 9 IP) suggest he’ll
turn the tables at some point. That narrows it down to Riske and Barfield. The
free-swinging Barfield isn’t as valuable in OPS leagues, but I’m not sure you
want to let that kind of five-tool upside go without getting anything in

Drop Riske. Dotel’s oblique injury isn’t considered serious,
and even if it were, Riske doesn’t have a track record that screams out
successful closer.

— Alex Cushing

Happy opening day!!

Forget Adam Dunn, forget Dustin Hermanson, forget chasing saves, pitch-or-ditch and all that… I’m just glad it’s baseball season. We had all four TV’s fired up here in the stats command center yesterday, plus Gameday and Mosaic… between Hanley and M-Cab, Sheets and King Felix, Grady and Pronk, Dunn (yes, him!) and Renteria, it was a great day to be a baseball fan.

BTW, who had Chad Paronto in the "first save of the year" pool? Yeah, chasing saves is fun!🙂