Saving Strength

Just wondering your opinion on a trade I made yesterday? Mixed – 12 team – 5 x 5.
I traded Alex Gordon and Saito for Rios and Overbay. What do you think of the trade and will I have enough saves to compete with my remaining 3 closers: Wagner, Wheeler and Izzy.


Ryan in Denver.

Current roster:

C – Barrett
1B – D. Lee
2B – Utley
3B – Teahen
SS – Furcal
OF – Taveras
OF – Duncan
OF – Holliday
Util – Konerko
Util – Swisher
BN – Alex Gordon
BN – Johjima


Job well done. Rios possesses 20-20 talent and you’re getting him before the boom, which makes losing Saito less painful. Having three secure closers, as you do, is a luxury in 12-team leagues so fret not. And while Alex Gordon has the tools to turn it around tomorrow, highly touted can’t-miss prospects have flopped in their rookie years before, so his unexplainable disappointment isn’t without precedent. Also, Overbay’s a notorious slow starter who should bat at least .300 the rest of the way.

All in all, great job at dealing from strength to acquire some outfield and batting average help.

— Alex Cushing,


Mike said Tuesday during the show that Ryan Howard for K-Rod is a fair trade? In what universe?

Their draft positions in any league are rounds apart. Howard goes an average of about No. 6, with K-rod going in the late 30s. It’s a definite first rounder for a definite third or fourth rounder.

I love K-Rod, but this is not a fair trade. The team giving up Howard needs at least a decent additional upgrade.

Abbreu and M. Young for Freel and D-Lee… fair value?

K-Rod for Howard can be a fair deal when you know team strengths and weaknesses. The team with Howard might be able to afford the loss of HRs/RBIs while the team desperately needs saves. Trades are not made in a vacuum as there are many factors to consider when a trade takes place and what overall draft number is not enough to determine this.

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