Accardo goes mainstream

Is Jeremy Accardo a good pickup in non-hold leagues? Is he first in line if Frasor continues to struggle? How much time do you give him?

Seth from



In the time Frasor’s spent filling in for B.J. Ryan as interim closer, he’s seen his ERA rise from 1.23 to 6.39, and allowed seven earned runs in his three most recent outings. His implosion has prompted justifiable concern from Blue Jays manager John Gibbons, who on Thursday hinted that he’d be open to giving save opportunities to both Jeremy Accardo and Scott Downs. "I’m sure he’ll get his chance," said Gibbons, when asked if Accardo might receive some save chances. "He’s been very good. He hasn’t been scored on. He came out and had a good spring and he’s worked his way in there and is piching good. … I’m not locked into any certain guy for a certain role. I don’t think you can do that.” Accardo, 25, closed for the Giants last year before being dealt to


, so he’s not without some shred of ninth-inning experience. Not to mention the fact that he’s thrown 13 2/3 scoreless innings this year.

Given the fluctuating state of affairs in


’s bullpen, Accardo is worth a pickup in all formats.

— Alex Cushing,

Wondered if you would care to bestow some sound knowledge my way, regarding the science of middle relief – I’m in a 12-team 6-by-6 roto league with holds as the extra category, and after pitch-and-ditching successfully I have a decent lead in wins, and I’m also OK in saves. But I have barely any holds – I’m 22 behind the leader in that category already – and could also use some help with Ks and WHIP. Most of the "top-tier" middle relievers are gone, such as Shields and Linebrink, so I’m looking around for someone else under the radar. Solid workers such as Doug Brocail, Wilfredo Ledezma and Scott Proctor are available, as are strugglers Brad Lidge and Fernando Rodney, and I like the look of Toronto’s Jeremy Accardo as he has given up nothing so far and apparently may even be next for the closer’s role if Jason Frasor doesn’t get a lot better pretty quickly.

This is a very tight league thus far, and solid work in a category such as holds will probably make all the difference. Is there anyone that you guys like the look of, or should I just bite the poisoned bullet and pick up Lidge again for the K’s? What’s the worst that can happen, right?🙂

Thanks for your help fellas, love the show.





I think Accardo is a much better option at this time than Lidge, who still looks lost on the mound.  Sure the K’s are nice, but he’s given up way too many hits and walks to be considered a reliable option.  Two other guys to think about who could be available are Speier and Turnbow.  Both rank among the league leaders in holds, and both have a track record of success.  Speier’s always been an effective reliever, and Turnbow seems to have regained his old closer form, holding an ERA just over 2 and striking out 21 in 12 1/3 innings.

— Zach Steinhorn,

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I would hold back in some formats, say, h2h weekly starting only 2 RP, or in 8 to 10 team leagues, but not a bad option.

On a completely unrealted note, Mike and Cory might be interested to not that it is more than 130 PA/50 IP, and thus Garza is a rookie.

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